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Haruni Grandmother Shawl
September 1 2010
September 26 2010
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Haruni Grandmother Shawl
Haruni by Emily Ross
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm Peruvian Baby Silk
5 skeins = 545.0 yards (498.3 meters), 125 grams
Blue-purple in Delta, British Columbia

I cast on a few days ago, 9/1/10 and am loving this pattern and the yarn. I’m up to row 45 and have had no problems with the pattern. Chart A went along breezingly. So far this is the easiest lace shawl I’ve worked on. I did all 96 rows on Chart A for a total of 12 leaves. Did Chart A without markers just counted stitches after each repeat to make sure I didn’t forget a yo.

I chose to knit the first and last 3 stitches instead of using the sl 1, k2.

9/18/10 Started Chart B am adding beads to the center of the leaves. Size 6mm beads Rainbow Crystal with size 12 steel crochet hook.
After looking at a lot of notes I think I’ll start beading on row 5 of Chart B and do the odd rows up to row 15. I placed the beads on stitch 13 & 31 of the chart. It is not really that # stitch when using the written directions. I just used the chart to find the corresponding stitch for the bead. After placing the 1st row of beads the following rows were easy. There were 22 beads on each row I placed beads.
I’m having to use markers between each set of repeats because stitches keep increasing.

I had to order some extra yarn because I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough and I’m glad I did because I had to break into the 5th ball for the last 2 rows and the bind off. I only used about 1/2 of the 5th ball.
I used the crochet bind off. I used a C/2 and used 8 ch between the k3tog.

9/26/10 I do believe this is the fastest I have knitted anything. I just need to block it and get some pictures up.

Thanks to the ladies from the St. Louis Knitters Guild KAL and the thread we had going here on Ravelry.

9/27/10 I couldn’t wait to block it to add pictures. The last 3 pictures are before blocking. The 7th picture is really the truest color.

9/28/10 It’s truly done!!!!! Boy the colors are all over the place. I just am not a great photographer. I am going to try outside in natural light later today to see if I can get a better shot. I just love it. It’s the perfect size for me.

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September 1 2010
September 26 2010
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80% Alpaca, 20% Silk
109 yards / 25 grams
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