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Sequin Wedding Shrug

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December 28 2012
January 9 2013
Project info
Sequin Wedding Shrug
Matrimonio Bolero by hand made by fasOLA
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Patons North America Lace Sequin
1.5 skeins = 516.0 yards (471.8 meters), 105 grams
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4/21/13 The wedding was beautiful. They fit wonderfully and looked great with their dresses. The shrugs came in handy because the weather was 59 and got cooler as the night went on. Fran the bride and the flower girl wore theirs all evening. The other girls regretted not wearing theirs for the ceremony because it was chillier by the lake.
I couldn’t resist adding a picture of the cake topper made by my daughter Susie for her sister. It looked just like them. The decorations were made by my other daughter Audrey. Everything was beautiful.

1/16/13 Update she tried it on and it fits perfectly. Now she wants me to make the flower girl one and my granddaughter who will be her bridesmaide.
12/28/12 Crystal color. Making 3/4 sleeves. Cast on 43 stitches w/size 5 needles, then did 2 complete repeats before starting increases. 34 rows including purl rows. 1st increase done on row 35. Continued increases according to chart.
Increased to 61 stitches then cast on 11st. each side for back. Continued in pattern for 8 full repeats. Decreased other side to match first sleeve..
Note: For the k3tog I used k2tog replace the stitch back on left needle then slip the next stitch over the k2tog just done. I did this because on the 1st sleeve I kept looking back and seeing that I must have lost a stitch when I did the k3tog. I had to rip back several times and 2 dropped stitches I noticed after I was already half way across the back. I just stitched those because it would have meant that I would have to start completely over. For the scalloped edge I sc around opening then did ch 1 sc, skip 1 or 2 sc, 5 dc, skip 1 or 2 sc, 1 sc, skip 1 or 2 sc, 5 dc around. I used a steel size 2 Susan Bates crochet hook.
1/10/12 The knitting is finished. Now to seam up the arms and have my daughter try it on. Hopefully this one will fit. The yarn is lovely and goes great with her wedding dress. The knitting actually took me only 9 days I didn’t do any knitting for 4 days over the New Years Holiday.
I tried to get a close up so you can see the sequins in the yarn but it doesn’t really photogragh well.
I’m really glad the designer put the chart on her website it made it much easier to follow.
I only have a picture of the pattern I will post. I will try and update the pictures in April when she gets married.

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December 28 2012
January 9 2013
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by Patons North America
68% Acrylic, 14% Polyester, 9% Mohair, 9% Wool
344 yards / 70 grams
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