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Ava's Christening Gown
Open Crescent Christening Gown Set by Kay Meadors
Newest Great Niece Due in October
One Size
Hooks & yarn
1.65 mm
Omega Hilaza RĂºstica Eclat
809 yards in stash
0.85 balls = 788.8 yards (721.3 meters), 130 grams

5/30/13 Ok I started another baby gown. I started with the size 10 Bamboo cotton but it seems smaller than size 10. I’ve had to change the dc to trc. I began with the hat and it seems really small.

6/1/13 I bought some new thread it’s Rustica by Omega and is a size 10. It felt very soft on the ball but as I began to work with it it seems a little scratchy for a baby’s newborn skin due to the shiny thread running through it. I thought I might check out the size 3 bamboo and see it is a better size match. The Bamboo thread is so soft, much softer than the regular bedspread cotton that the pattern calls for.
I also noticed that the first time I made this the counts were off on the gown. Here are the counts I came up for this rnd by rnd. In Case I make another one.
R1 -You must end with 14 dc to = 104 The pattern says 13.
R2 -121 DC
R3 -136 DC
R4 -152 DC
R5 -168 DC
R6 -Eyelet Row-109 DC I put 4DC each side of the corner shells.
After row 10 I had 245 DC.
R11-132 DC need 134 DC.
Eyelet Row - I only had 71 ch 1 spaces with chain 9 for underarms. Need to Ch 11 for under arms in order to have the required 134 DC for correct # of chain 1 spaces for Eyelet row. But this will cause the sleeves to have a couple of extra spaces so you can just adjust by skipping 2 extra dc to get the required ch spaces on the first row of the sleeves.
After adjusting I had 54 Ch 5 loops and 36 ch 3 loops which gave me 18 repeats of the open crescent. I only had 3 DC left to leave unworked on the Eyelet Row.

6/29/13 For a new great niece’s baby shower Aug 4.
This will be 32nd great niece/nephew we are also expecting a 33rd both in October

7/14/13 Just need to add ribbon to sleeves and bodice. Will get finished pictures asap. I will also be starting the bonnet today.

7/28/13 Ok I am now finished with the additional length to match the slip. The slip I ordered was 21 1/2 ” long so I had to rip out the last round to get the skirt long enough to cover the slip. I will wash it and soften it with hair conditioner and sew on the buttons. I will post a completed picture when all that is done.
I forgot to do the white balance and my pictures are yellow.

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May 30 2013
July 28 2013
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Hilaza RĂºstica Eclat
by Omega
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