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Bread Line Cardigan
December 25 2010
January 20 2011
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Bread Line Cardigan
Aidez by Cirilia Rose
LG and XL for sleeves
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Berroco Cuzco
650 yards in stash
8 skeins = 1040.0 yards (951.0 meters), 800 grams
Stitch Therapy in Brooklyn, New York

I love this pattern and would recommend it and would knit it again.

I also LOVE this yarn!! I want to marry it and have Cuzco babies. However. The yarn has fuzzed and pilled lots. I have to turn a blind eye…

I want some ease in the fit. I will do the L using US8 needle on Cuzco yarn.

Used the Alternate Cable Cast On method from Vogue Knitting (page 26). Similar to the Cable Cast On but needle worked from back to front between the stitches. Then in first row, ktbl on all knit stitches.

Unintentional mod: did not knit the transition row from ribbing to pattern, which shows up as a garter row on the right side. Oh well.

12/27 - back knit up to arm decreases.
12/29 - back finished.
1/2/11 - almost finished left front.

I live in constant fear this will not fit. I think I shall block out the two fronts while knitting the sleeves to calm my fears.
1/8/11 - finished both fronts and making fast progress on the sleeves.
1/12 - finished second sleeve. Went back and ripped out the back will knit one size up, xl. Here I go, second guessing myself again.
1/15 - blocking sleeves. This might be finished.
The blocking made the fabric wonderful - drapey and squishy at the same time. I decided to reknit the back. For the 3rd time. Yay me.

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December 25 2010
January 20 2011
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50% Wool, 50% Alpaca
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