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May 21 2010
November 25 2010
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The Fog Sweater by Tiennie
120 stitches cast on x 2 - knit in round
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Cascade Yarns® Ecological Wool®
287 yards in stash
3.4 skeins = 1625.2 yards (1486.1 meters), 850 grams

perfect for Jose. Finally found one he will like.

The original cast on size (132 sts. ea side) was WAY TOO BIG!
I am starting over with a cast on of 120 sts. per side. It will still be big, but in a casual, weekend sort of way.

I used a cable cast on.

5/26 - got past the bottom ribbing and now working the 1x1. Going well. That means a disaster is just around the corner.

5/28 - well into the 1x1. Working this yarn for any length of time dries my hands out big time.

6/10 - had to take a break for a week to rest my hands. Started up on a sleeve, trying to stay loose and easy.

6/13 - 11” on the body; Sleeve #1 is up to 94 sts.

7/26: resumed knitting this beast after a spinning hiatus. Body is nearly 15” long; will be splitting soon. One sleeve is nearly done and I want to wait till it’s time to attach to determine the exact length, so it will remain as is for the time being.
I’ll be breaking into the 3rd skein very soon.

7/27: Okay, finally ready to split and begin arm scythe.

7/31: Split for front and back; 18” long; started 4x2 ribbing. I want this sweater done!
8/2: Getting near the end of the back section.
8/5: Finished the back, started the front.
8/12: Finished the front. Body done. worked on Sleeve #1 which was nearly complete. We are getting close now. One more sleeve and then the collar.

8/19: Started Sleeve #2. Slow progress. But progress all the same.

9/30: finally bound off Sleeve 1 and am putting energy into Sleeve 2 I’ve lost steam on this one because I really don’t like the yarn that much. Too rough.

10/30: Shoulders sewn, collar added in. Picked up 90 stitches and knit 4x2 ribbing for 22 rows before casting off. Folded the collar inward and sewed it to the base. Looks fine.
Attached one sleeve. Whoa, they are way too long and way too much bulk. I have to take off at least 3 inches, maybe 4. Otherwise the fit is good. Shoulders, chest, neck, body length all good. Just sleeves need reduction.

11/5: re-engineered the second sleeve to 110 sts and 8 rows shoulder. Will attach to see if the bulk is reduced to a comfortable amount. Sleeve is now about 3.5” shorter.

11/7: So the shorter sleeve is better in terms of length but I don’t like the way it was attached so I’ll need to fiddle with it. Now he’s complaining about the neckline, as it appears too wide on the sides. UGH.

11/25: Finally got the sleeves to look right. Now to deal with the neck. Turns out my genius idea for the collar looked ridiculous. So it’s gonna be a turtleneck after all.

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May 21 2010
November 25 2010
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