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Scrap Yarn Bracelets
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I know I’m not the only knitter who can’t bear to part with some of the gorgeous little bits of left over yarn from projects. With this year’s fad of wrapped bracelets I’ve found the perfect outlet for my gorgeous scraps!
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  1. How it looks all together.
  2. Leather cord wrapped with leftover bits of merino hand dyed in shades of blue. One of them has seed needs added to it for some sparkle. The light blue all the way to the right is simply a leftover bit of ribbon yarn crocheted into a chain with 2 pretty matching beads added on - one for the “clasp” and one as a dangly decoration.
  3. How to wrap the end of the leather. At the start, double the leather so you have a loop, then wrap. At the end, fold the leather over and wrap around it to make a knob of sorts which will fit into the loop and hold the bracelet on.
  4. Arucania Runo Multi knitted into an iCord with a pretty button as the “clasp” that fit into the loop on the other end.
  5. With a little more yarn you can make a cuff like Cat Wong’s Pretty Twisted. It looks great with bangles.
  6. Leftover black cotton knitted into an icord then a string of white pearly beads was wrapped onto the iCord. I added a couple of great beads for the clasp and I wear this one all the time.
  7. Some leftover pink/white ribbon yarn braided into a very long braid. I hand sewed some sead beads on for sparkle. I had to double the yarn for each section of the braid to get the thinkness I wanted.
  8. A simple knotted bracelet out of a leftover bit of white linen yarn I had that had a strand of sparkle plied in with it and some dark blue ribbon yarn.

Many of these ideas are inspired by Pinterest. Here’s the link to my DIY Jewelry board.

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