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Driftwood Tee TTTKAL#2
May 19 2014
May 29 2014
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Driftwood Tee TTTKAL#2
Driftwood Tee by Mercedes Tarasovich
36.5 with 4 sts added around
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
US 1½ - 2.5 mm
Manos del Uruguay Serena
3.47 skeins = 589.9 yards (539.4 meters), 173 grams
Hand Held Knitting in Fayetteville, Arkansas

This is my second TTTKAL project! I’m adding 2 extra stitches on each piece to get something slightly larger than the smallest size, but without as much ease as the next size up.

I’m adding waist shaping. Around 5.5 inches I made mirrored ssk and k2tog decreases on either side of the center 28 sts. I repeated this 3 more times every 6th row, for a total of 8 sts decreased. At around 9 inches, I will work increases at the same rate to get back to the original figure. I’m adding about 4 inches of length, because this top would be much too short for me otherwise. I don’t plan on any other alterations right now.

The garter edging on the sleeves rolls in like crazy, even after a wet blocking. I think if I were to make this again I would leave off those stitches and pick up the sleeve edges after seaming the shoulders to make the garter stitching. I think I accidentally carried on too long with the eyelet work, but I made the front and back match well enough that I don’t care.

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May 19 2014
May 29 2014
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by Manos del Uruguay
60% Alpaca, 40% Pima
170 yards / 50 grams

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