Letitia Cropley
March 6, 2014
March 27, 2014

Letitia Cropley

Project info
Pocket cardigan by Margaret Hubert
Hooks & yarn
6.5 mm (K)
Valley Yarns Berkshire
11 skeins = 1551.0 yards (1418.2 meters), 1100 grams

I bought this book specifically for this and one other pattern, but finding a replacement yarn turned out to be quite difficult.

I tried a bunch of yarns for this, but I couldn’t find a yarn that I liked. Most of what I tried ended up being way too chunky to be wearable.

I think part of the problem is that the book says it’s a bulky weight single ply yarn. Yes it is a single ply, but the yarn used in the pattern is actually a worsted (it’s not linked on the pattern page here on Ravelry, so here it is:
Oasis Icelandic Wool)

I got the Berkshire to knit a different pattern, but when I was looking for a quick cardigan pattern, I remembered this one. It swatched up perfectly. The single ply works so well with this very easy pattern. The alpaca gives it a nice soft drape and I love the color. (I’m becoming a huge fan of this yarn).

I haven’t been having good luck with projects for me lately, so we’ll see how this goes. On day three of starting the project and both fronts are done with the back started. So even if it’s a fail, at least I’m not losing huge chunks of time for it.

Update 3/14/2014: well, as usual, I hit a snag with crochet directions (there’s a reason I go by “knittingpark” and not “crochetpark”). I didn’t like the sleeve cap shaping at all (of course I have no idea if I did them right), so after several attempts I ended up with my own thing. However, one sleeve is one motif bigger than the other. I can not find where I messed up. Not sure if I care enough over 2 stitches. So apart from the seaming (which I dread with crochet projects) the pockets (debating if I even want them) and the button bands, it’s almost done. It is heavy and sorta “grandma-ish”, but for a knock around the house and staying warm cardigan, I think it’s a good project. I think I want to do a lighter version in a cotton-y lighter weight yarn for a lacey version…

03/26/2014: finally getting around to the seaming. Yuck. I really dislike seaming up crochet projects. However, we’re having a really really cold windy day and I really really hope that it’s the last of the season. Best to get it done now so it’s ready for next year. Right? ‘cause I certainly won’t need it now. Since it’s spring. You hear that mother nature: IT’S FRICKIN’ SPRING!
Update: sewn up! Needs buttons and the pockets. Not bad. Should be a comfy and warm sweater that was a fairly quick project (reshaping the sleeves was the only thing that slowed me down).

Update 03/27/2014: Finished! Got the pockets and buttons on last night. I’ll do a light steam on the seams and get some finished photos. Overall, not bad. Not my favorite project ever, but a cozy around the house cardigan, which is exactly what I wanted.


shortened sleeves considerably (I’ll have a rant on the pattern directions later…)

changed the sleeve cap shaping for a more gradual slope rather than stair step of the directions. This made a much more set in sleeve.

Notes on the pattern:

I could’ve made it a bit longer. While I made the body length to directions, it’s much shorter on me than on the model. I’m guessing the model is wearing the wrong size for her (the body and the sleeves are a bit too long for her, plus it falls off her shoulders a bit)

There is no schematic. So the sizing is VERY vague.

The sizing is only given in bust measurement. This is why I like having a schematic. I really like to know how wide the upper arm measurements are. I have heavy upper arms, and there’s no standard sizing versus bust measurement. (I saw a pattern once with a 52” bust and 14” wide sleeves. HUH?)

I thought the directions a little lacking in specifics. I am not an advanced crocheter… especially with shaping. Fortunately I was able to figure it out, but I didn’t like how the directions were written for increasing or decreasing.

The patten stitch rocks. It’s mindless and easy to work. I’m already thinking that I’ll be making a summer version of this in a much much lighter weight yarn (with short sleeves and maybe just a single button).

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March 6, 2014
March 27, 2014
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