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Spirit Trail Aeolian Shawl #3 for 10 Shawls in 2010

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April 13 2010
April 21 2010
Project info
Spirit Trail Aeolian Shawl #3 for 10 Shawls in 2010
Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
Spirit Trail Fiberworks Clotho
2.3 skeins = 1150.0 yards (1051.6 meters)

Well, apparently the way to get me to cast on immediately for a sample knit is to send me gorgeous blue yarn!

4/13/10 Set-up chart and two repeats of Yucca chart compete.

4/14/10 Seven more, nine total repeats of Yucca chart complete.

4/15/10 Total of twelve Yucca chart repeats completed and about 1 ounce of the approximately 3.4 ounces have been consumed.

Through row 12 of Transition Chart complete. 36 total rows today, current number of sts on needle: 381.

4/16/10 Rows 13-18 of Transition Chart Complete. Two repeats of Agave Chart complete. Total rows knitted today: 26. Number of sts on needle: 509.

Rows to go: 56 working up to 983 sts and a lot of nupps.

I ran out of the first skein of yarn 3/4 of the way through row 9 on the second repeat of the Agave chart, so I am considering that the 1/2 way point.

4/17/10 10 Rows of Final Agave Chart complete and 21 rows of edge chart complete. 25 rows left before bind-off.

The knitting is taking a long time it seems, there are a lot of sts on the needle. This shawl will be large. I am not the fastest knitter, so at this point two rows are taking about 35-45 minutes, but they are just getting a little more involved and will have more nupps, which take more time. I am really hoping that this will be blocking by Tuesday or Wednesday. The challenge will be finding a spot to block it that the grand-kitten will not be able to get to. Actually, I’m thinking if I pin it out on the living room floor and then cover it with damp towels to dry she can’t pick it apart, right?

4/18/10 Knit only a bit today, through row 34 of edge chart, so only 13 rows completed. Twelve rows to go until bind off.

4/19/10 No rows to go. No bind off to go. I finished it!!!!! Knit remaining rows on the edge chart, worked bind-off, which took the evening. Blocking tomorrow.

4/21/10 Blocked. Whew. It took close to three hours. I’m not so sure I like the double stranded, double purled bind off. Makes for a super stretchy bind off which is great, but might not have been perfectly appropriate for this edging. But, it seemed to have worked for others, so maybe it is me. Or maybe it is just right and I should wait for it to dry to make up my mind.

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April 13 2010
April 21 2010
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