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February 15 2012
March 2 2012
Project info
Lollipop Zebras
Savannah Chaps by Barbara Prime
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
US 5 - 3.75 mm
319 yards
Ewe Need Color 1 ply Merino
41 yards in stash
0.01 skeins = 2.2 yards (2.0 meters), 1 grams
Ewe Need Color
Knit Picks Chroma Worsted
113 yards in stash
0.78 skeins = 154.4 yards (141.2 meters), 78 grams
Knit Picks
Knit Picks Chroma Worsted
48 yards in stash
0.82 skeins = 162.4 yards (148.5 meters), 82 grams
Knit Picks

These zebras were so popular that I ended up opening an etsy shop to sell these guys and other toys. If you’re interested, you can visit my shop, Sugar Pear Stitches, here.

Love love love this pattern! The zebras are coming out so cute and are actually pretty quick. The stripes and shape of the limbs make putting them together easier than other toys.

I ended up making 3 zebras to keep the colors in similar families. I didn’t like the look of a completely rainbow zebra. They are named Wildberry, Pamplemousse, and Citron.

For more pictures of the individual zebras see my project pages:

I omitted the purl row on the body and used the stripes to mark the location for the limbs.

I’m not good at the garter stitch ears so I modified the mouse/hamster ears from the pookies pattern. I used size 5 dpns.
co 9, join by binding off the last stitch.
k 3 rounds.
k2, m1 around
k 3 rounds
k2, k2tog around
k 1 round
k1, k2tog around

I found 5 inch strands long for the mane so I used 4 inch strands and trimmed down after I put them all on. I might go with 3-3.5 inch strands for the next one. I also tied the knots differently than the tutorial (didn’t pay attention) so I hope they stayed tied. I just tied the two strands together in a double knot. I think my way makes the strands stick out every which way instead of sitting neatly like the pattern. The mane took awhile and took a lot more yarn strands than I expected. UPDATE: I used 3 inch strands for Citron and Wildberry. The 3-inch strand were a little fiddly to tie on (even with my ridiculously skinny fingers) because they were so short. I liked the finished length of the 3 inch strands and only trimmed the stragglers. I wouldn’t recommend going any shorter than 3 inches because they’d be difficult to tie and may come untied if the ends are too short.

There wasn’t quite enough blue and purple in my ball of chroma for all of Wildberry so there’s a bit of green on her leg and head. For her hair, I used the purpley pink section of the chroma and some other purple single ply yarn I had from another project. Luckily the purple matched pretty well. I really love the blue in the chroma and I might have to find some yarn in that color. It’s so cheery even though it’s blue.

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February 15 2012
March 2 2012
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