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Matchy mitts
December 28 2011
November 19 2012
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Matchy mitts
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
168 yards = 0.6 skeins
Posh Yarn Emily
420 yards in stash
0.5 skeins = 140.0 yards (128.0 meters), 50 grams
Posh Yarn Emily
252 yards in stash
0.1 skeins = 28.0 yards (25.6 meters), 10 grams

I’m so pleased that I finished these - why did I leave them languishing for 11 months? I have no clue - it took me less than 2 hours to finish them - including weaving in all the ends and finding/attaching buttons. I am a loony for not doing it before!
(And the cashmere mitts are now found too - choices!)

I have lost my lovely cashmere mitts somewhere, and my hands get so cold… so stripy garter stitch mitts to match (kind of) the lovely stripy Scalene scarf that Jo gave to me, which I wear constantly as it is just so snuggly and beautiful.

Long tail CO 44 (actually 42 - I’m very bad at counting) in Hush Hush
R1: knit
R2: purl
Change to Hopeless Devotion
R3: K
R4: P
Continue in two round stripes until 19 garter stitch ridges are complete (36 rounds, ends on a Hush Hush round).
Continue garter stitch in the round using the pink colour for 14 more ridges (28 rounds).
Work thumb gusset increases on next knit round (R1) - K20, pm, kfb into next two sts, pm. Continue in garter st pattern for 3 more rounds.
On R5, R9, R13, R17, R21 and R25, work gusset incs = 16 sts betw markers.
Work in garter st between gusset inc rounds.
R26 - purl
Next round: work to marker, rm, place 16 sts on spare yarn, rm.

garter st 2rnd
dec k1 sytk kto 3 from end k2tog
repeat 2 rnds later
on 8th ridge dec again (10st rem)
co on next round

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December 28 2011
November 19 2012
About this pattern
Personal pattern (not in Ravelry)
About this yarn
by Posh Yarn
80% Wool, 10% Angora, 10% Cashmere goat
280 yards / 100 grams
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