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Yummy Brioche
January 21 2017
May 20 2017
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Yummy Brioche
All About That Brioche by Lisa Hannes
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm

Started this in January with merinos - no label - and 3,5 mm needles.
I have a few more rows and will start the first brioche part. Being a side project, I knit it slower than the usual.


Still not decided which color should I use. From pink merinos & grey, the original yarn combo I had in mind for this project, I came to think turquoise or red-wine would also look great. And I can’t decide. A few more rows and will have to change colors.


Finished with the first part, am at 150 stitches. Need to start the brioche part.


Started yesterday with turquoise yarn. My brioche still doesn’t quite look like brioche, it must be because I am a combined continental knitter. But still I like how it looks and will not unravel. I simply do not have the patience to unravel 2 yarns for the 5th time.
Almost done with the first brioche band.


Definitely not a briche shawl, but hei, next time I will do better :)
Working through the last part of the shawl, with color B.


Well, it’s not Brioche, but I like the result.
Next one will be brioche though. I am determined to understand this stitch my way.

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January 21 2017
May 20 2017
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