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Cashmere dress
June 17 2017
August 2 2017
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Cashmere dress
Layered Lace Dress by Lorna Miser
Needles & yarn
US 11 - 8.0 mm

Started with cashmere blend yarn for a spring/summer/autumn dress for myself. I plan on adding a fabric on the inside, contrasting color or neutral, will decide when this will be finished.
Easy project so far :)


Decided to repeat the front & back pattern just 9 times, as I am skinny and my bust is small. I did not want the dress to be too revealing on the two sides.
Fits me perfectly! :)


Because I’m not entirely comfortable with the sides, I decided to alter the pattern and add some sort of big sleeves - perhaps there’s a term for this in English, but I’m not sure. The sleeves are so short they barely look like sleeves.
Using the 4 mm needles, I picked up stitches along the sides, made 4 rows of k2, p2 and then 2 rows of Herringbone stitch with 5 mm needles - to be a bit flexible. And cast off.
Now the dress is not too revealing on the sides and can be worn with just an underskirt or some sort of light cotton dress underneath.
Found a very light and tight royal blue dress in a store and because I feel too exposed wearing alone, I’ve decided to wear it under my knitted dress. And I think it was the best decision ever :)
Oh, look, this knitted dress goes well with sneakers as well, who knew?!

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June 17 2017
August 2 2017
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