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Big scary
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July 2012
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Big scary
Tools and equipment
Dairing D-82, Silk Stainless
1660 yards in stash

Ultimate scary.

A project I have thought about for years.

A LOT of stainless steel silk.

A LOT of lace-weight.

A LOT of crying if I Stuff.IT.Up.

Ok - edited to add details.

I’ve warped up to 43cm wide and 340cm long - V.long but I’m hoping for a little excess that I might, gasp, CUT. We will see.

The warp goes something like this:

2 strands teal stainless steel (ss) for approx 10 dents, then a mix of black and teal ss for a few dents, THEN black ss with black zephyr, THEN 2 strands of zephyr.

THE PLAN - to give it a nice thwacking when finished and really get some interesting textures happening.

But it’s going to take some time to weave as I am using black laceweight (with some black ss and teal ss used ‘Saori like, here and there’ in the clasped weaving style….will be v interesting to see what it looks like.

I hold out great hope.

17th June - I can’t pretend this is an easy project. The warp tension is AWFUL and the shuttle I use is too short for the width of the project….so it’s a matter of each row taking longer than I am used to, and re-adjusting every time I need to wind on the woven fabric. I want to push through it so I can take it to meet Kaz in a few days.

FINAL UPDATE - Well - its finished. I can’t pretend it turned out the way I wanted because to be honest it was really an unknown quantity….but it did what I thought it would do and I have ended up with a really lovely warm, HUGE, wrap around the neck scarf that I will use for years.

The different sections with the stainless in it really make the piece and the little sections with Karabella Little Flowers (the lighter teal coloured row) are a wonderful highlight.

All in all a highly successful experiment. - And I used THIS LOOM

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July 2012
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