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owen's sweater
November 28 2011
November 29 2011
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owen's sweater
Penny by Corinne Niessner
my puppy
10-15 lb
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm

i think this pattern had a few errors and it seemed a bit fiddly for what i wanted, so i changed it to simplify.

i followed it to the legs part and instead of working three parts separtely i knit 7, cast off 12 stitches, knit till 19 stitches left, cast off 12 again, knit 7. then on the next row knit 7, cast on 12 with the backwards loop, k across, cast on 12 again, k to end. then i just continued until 11” in length (from the beginning).

my puppys so snuggly!

(next time i’ll knit it in the round). please ignore wretched seam, will redo soon!

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November 28 2011
November 29 2011
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