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July 4 2014
July 7 2014
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Shwook by Hazel Tindall
grand shetland adventure
size 2
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
US 3 - 3.25 mm

this is a free pattern by hazel tindell, for woolweek in shetland this october. although i won’t be going to ww, i will be going to shetland and will be meeting hazel! VERY EXCITED!! i hope she won’t mind i knit this hat for the Grand Shetland Adventure i am about to take (only 2 more weeks!!) with Gudrun Johnston and MaryJane Mucklestone and Nicole and Kathy and Claire, and a few other friends i’m about to meet!!

i used jamieson & smith and loft (one color). the pattern called for 3 dark colors and 2 light, or alternatively you could use 2 dark and three light. i borrowed from leftovers i had on hand, from my conifer sweater and fiddlers mitts and bressay

i can’t be sure of the colors but i think they were:
loft - hayloft
jamieson & smith -
blue green 29
burnt orange 125
dusty rose - fc 50
(looking for last color!) back soon!

blog post here
thank you very much hazel!

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July 4 2014
July 7 2014
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