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wolf pack hat
June 24 2013
June 29 2013
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wolf pack hat
Wolf Pack Hat by Mary Lou Egan
my husband
Needles & yarn

a wolf hat! just what my husband needed for his trip to the arctic wildlife refuge in northern alaska. maybe it will bring him good luck in finding his own wolf up there.

a few modifications, knit a k2 purl 2 rib for the brim and made it in fingering weight leftovers from my stash (reindeer shawl and conifer cardigan). i did not do the long floats (those make me nervous!) and instead carried the wool no more than 3 sts. at most. made a nice dense and very warm fabric.

i used a size 2 needle for the ribbing and size 3 for the rest of the hat.

i’m really happy to have finally made something from the book shear spirit, i LOVE this book, made by friends joan tapper and gale zucker.

thank you mary lou for a beautiful pattern!

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June 24 2013
June 29 2013
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