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Studlaberg - icelandic sweater

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May 2012
May 2012
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Studlaberg - icelandic sweater
Needles & yarn
thingborg lopi
natural sheep´s colors
not dyed

this pattern I designed with the shape of columnar basalt in mind, from afar you can see the vertical lines in the face of the rock.
This sweater is made from Icelandic lambs wool. The wool is not dyed but in the natural colours of the Icelandic sheep. The lambs wool is especially soft, light weight and warm. It is not spun but only carded and the fibers are very loose. At first the sweater will loose some “hairs” but after a short time it starts to felt and it takes on the shape of its owner: thus becoming even more your very own personal unique sweater. The wool is practically self-cleansing. If necessary you can hang it outside to air out. If you really do need to wash it one day you can do this by hand wash or better even on the wool cycle of a reliable machine at 30 degrees C. with special wool detergent: spin at full speed and lay flat to dry.

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May 2012
May 2012
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  • Project created: June 26, 2012
  • Updated: June 18, 2013