July 22, 2011
August 15, 2011


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Matilda & Tillie by MK Carroll
Small, customized
Needles & yarn
Nurturing Threads Peace Fleece
200 yards in stash
1 skein = 200.0 yards (182.9 meters), 114 grams
Heavenly Yarns in Belfast, Maine

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August 15- I finally got around to blocking today. I tried pretendingsanity’s method iron blocking with a wet towel and, though I see how I will use it again on other knits, I thought my hat needed to felt a little for the right stiffness. So I washed on hot, with heavy agitation, for 15 minutes (checking on it every 5) until it had shrunk up just right. I spot blocked the brim seam area as it made the brim extend out a little longer there. I think it’s perfect, but will wait until it’s dry to make final judgement.

July 25- i knit the small crown but added extra rows to reach tops of my ears. I just knit the brim to fit.

I paid attention to how tightly i knit the outer edge of the brim, trying to loosen up a little as I neared that edge. I wanted the brim to be stiff without curling at the edge when sewn together.

The only reason I’d say pattern difficulty is a medium is because getting the crown and brim to a perfect fit, plus crocheting them together was a little tricky for me.

When I attached them, the purled edge showed and looked messy at the seam, so I just folded edge of brim over a bit to sew to crown so that the nubby edge curled on outside, giving the look of an I cord band around the hat. I don’t really know how I should have done it, but this ended up looked like a nicely finished edge.

Have yet to block it and get the poofiness out of the crown, but I’m just excited that the brim isn’t floppy or curling. I think it will be fine. I also want to add some buttons or applique.

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July 22, 2011
August 15, 2011
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