Cascade Cardigan
September 18, 2010
October 24, 2010

Cascade Cardigan

Project info
The Magic Raglan by Jean Dickinson
Needles & yarn
Paton's Kroy Socks FX
57210 Cascade Colors
Patons North America Kroy Socks FX
498 yards in stash
9 skeins = 1494.0 yards (1366.1 meters), 450 grams
10?? 23198?

6 st/in on size 4 needles. x 16” neck = 96 st.
back - 32 st
each sleeve - 8 st
increase st - 8 st.

Total for front 38 st., 19 each side. Start with one front stitch, increase on each knit row until there are 10 front stitches. Add the other 9 all at once plus 4 placket stitches on each side to make an 8 stitch button band.

Leave 10 ridges between buttonholes. Using one row horizontal buttonhole, casting off 3 st. Knit until back has 114 stitches, put sleeves on waste yarn (90 st each) and cast on 12 at each underarm.

Total of 267 stitches (should be 268) around - don’t know how I ended up with an odd number - will adjust before the ribbing.

Put sleeve stitches on 16” needle. Pick up 12 at underarm. Knit two together on every row for the first five rows at the two places where the sleeve stitches and the picked up underarm stitches meet. Place marker at center of underarm and then begin decreases each side of marker every 6 rows. When sleeve was long enough, I still had 70 stitches. Decrease 10 stitches evenly around. Work 1x1 ribbing on 60 stitches for about 4 inches.

Done! This took all but a few inches of 9 skeins.

For next time, about 4 or 5 inches down the yoke, try increasing on a few purl rows as well as the knit rows at the front only to add a bit more fullness.

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September 18, 2010
October 24, 2010
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75% Wool, 25% Nylon
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