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September 25 2012
October 18 2012
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More socks for dad
Liab by General Hogbuffer
Needles & yarn
US 0 - 2.0 mm
Lang Yarns Jawoll Superwash Solids
41 yards in stash
1.82 skeins = 418.6 yards (382.8 meters), 91 grams
't Wolwinkeltje in Leuven
September 25, 2012

Modelled by Pim who has larger feet.

Needles: using 2mm because my dad is small and I am aiming for shoe size 40/41. And I am a loose knitter.

Started with bamboo DPNs but had a bit of trouble cabling without cable needle, so changed to steel circular (1). That gave me awful wrist pain (as usual, pity because the cabling worked best). So I went and got some KnitPro “wooden” circular ones and this seems the best compromise (cabling/wrists).

I later realized that the pattern asks for two circulars… but I made an entire sock with one circular and I don’t even know when a second or extra DPNs would have been necessary? oh well :D

Cuff: 8 rnds.

Reinforcement yarn: For heel joined on the first complete RS row of the heel flap, cut it off after picking up all the instep sts (1st foot chart rnd). For toe joined 9 rnds after beginning of toe. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough but had quite a bit left over.

Heel flap: 20 rnds of slipped sts on the inside (counting partial row) before the last WS row.
In any case I picked up 23 sts (??) for instep, one of them is extra as insructed by pattern. Good anyway since instep is a bit tight for Pim, although fine for me (my dad must be something in between).

Since I had 4 extra sts from pick up, I am also decreasing on rows 3 and 5 of gusset.

Foot/Toe: 20 plain (in pattern) rnds before starting toe.
Kitchener with 24 sts for rounder toe

Had to rip out a good chunk of instep because I was working the plain bit WAY too loose… ARGH :(( this happens more and more often, I think I need a psychiatrist.

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September 25 2012
October 18 2012
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