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September 15 2012
September 24 2012
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Welsh Socks for Dad
Welsh Country Stockings by Nancy Bush
Needles & yarn
US 0 - 2.0 mm
358 yards = 1.56 skeins
Lang Yarns Jawoll Superwash Solids
48 yards in stash
0.79 skeins = 181.7 yards (166.1 meters), 39 grams
't Wolwinkeltje in Leuven
September 13, 2012
Lang Yarns Jawoll Superwash Solids
none left in stash
0.77 skeins = 177.1 yards (161.9 meters), 38 grams
't Wolwinkeltje in Leuven
September 13, 2012

Modelled by Pim who has larger feet.

Started with steel needles, awful, loose, uneven sts. Started over with bamboo: much better.

With this yarn and 2mm needles (steel) socks for me were fine with 56 sts CO, very fitted as I wanted them.
My dad is small as I am and his feet are only one size or two larger than mine, however much wider, and very square toes. Heel/calf I am guessing similar than Pim so I tried the socks on him and myself alternately.

Starting with another gauge and yarn and desired measurements, I made so many modifications this is another sock altogether.

Once finished, they actually fir both me and Pim (39 and 42 size feet). On me and Pim they are a bit snug to get on (ankle maybe a little small) and fit the leg perfectly. The foot is a little wide and long on me, but not too badly. On Pim it is fine, nearly perfect, a bit roomy on toes perhaps. My dad has very, very square wide toes so I hope it will be fine.

I used reinforcement yarn (just the light bobbin) on the toes. I joined it just after the motif for one sock and two rnds later for the other. Looks better to join immediately after (no indentation) but I had about 20cm left over, so in the future I should have in mind to join it a little further.

When it comes to leg shaping, on the second sock I omitted one decrease and one increase rnd. Also made the increases more spaced from eachother. I think this is best and probably makes the sock easier to pull on (we haven’t tried that one yet and it is drying). Washed by hand, spun on the washing machine and hung to dry as pictured.

I think I am not a fan of the dutch heel like this, I find the band too narrow (1/3 of heel sts: 10 sts) under the foot. I shall try other kinds.

So these notes are what I took during knitting the first sock:

Detailed notes

Gauge before washing: 34 sts x 46 rounds.
After washing: 36 sts x 42 rnds

My seam runs along the side of the leg (inside, so there is left and right sock) when it comes to the colourwork. For the rest the seam runs along the back/underfoot regularly.

CO 64 sts, with 3mm needle. Alternating Long Tail with German (as in here)
Ribbing 2x2 20 rnds.

Even St st 16 rnds.

Do decrease rnds for leg as in pattern, 5 times.
--Between the 4 and 5 decrease rnds, knit the fair isle motif which just fits.

54 sts

Even St st 11 rnds.
Increase rnd: in same place decreases were done (M1L, M1R).
Even St st 2 rnds.
Repeat these two rnds another 2 times.

60 sts

Heel flap:
Separate sts for heel: 30 sts. Begin a knit row. Keep slip sts on edges (try to have these sts always be dark).
Start and end with light blue to make it symmetric, two center sts are same colour (first row, light blue), work in checked pattern.
On last row, a purl row, center two sts are dark; purl the last st.

Turn heel:
Put sts on three needles, 10 each. Work in pattern of checks. Do all decreases with dark yarn.

k (first°)+second needle, ssk from 3rd needle, slip st back to 3rd needle, turn
p center needle, p2tog from 1st needle, slip st back to 1st needle, turn

°first row only

Do this until 12 sts are left.

Cut light blue yarn.
Pick up 15 sts on slipped chain sts.

Instep gussets decreased as in pattern until total 64 sts left. Place 16 sts on each needle.

Even St st counted from first dark blue rnd after heel: 62 rnds.


This is a nice very rounded toe I found somewhere on the internets. At this gauge and with these sts it is 4.5 cm long (from the first decrease) and 7 cm from the beginning of colourwork.

Work fair isle pattern (reversed direction, same pattern).

Even St st 2 rnds.

Join reinforcement yarn, even St st 5 rnds.

Decrease rnd toe:
Needle 1,3: k to 4 sts to end, k2tog, k2
Needle 2,4: k2, ssk, k to end

Even St st 4 rnds.
Decrease rnd.
Even St st 3 rnds.
Decrease rnd.
Even St st 2 rnds.
Decrease rnd.
Even St st 1 rnds.
Decrease rnd, repeat decrease rnd until 7 sts per needle.

28 sts


Yarn is on underside seam so knit the sts on 1st needle again.

Knitchener with knitting needle:

Step 1: Purl front, push the stitch off
Step 2: Knit front, leave the stitch on
Step 3: Knit rear, push the stitch off
Step 4: Purl rear, leave the stitch on

As seen here.

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September 15 2012
September 24 2012
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