Mike's Dr. Who Underpants
November 29, 2016
December 4, 2016

Mike's Dr. Who Underpants

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Selbutruse by Margrete
Marti's Tyrolean Sweater-and-Panty Set
Mike, brother in law
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
22 stitches and 30 rows = 4 inches
in To smtms 28s x 30r
Loops & Threads Woolike
in stash
Loops & Threads Woolike
in stash

Sister and Bro-i-l gave me Marti’s A Handy Knitting Library. I told my Bro-i-l I was going to knit him a grown up version of the Tyrolean Sweater-and-Panty Set and he called my bluff. The result - grown up Dr. Who Panties for Mike.


No Trunk - Added small front pocket-opening instead.
Started this when separated for front and back. Start this a bit earlier next time - perhaps at beg of hex pattern. Divided the front sts in half, then put 10 stitches back onto right side. Worked 11 rows on separate needles then joined to one needle on row 12:
Row 1: (p) bo 14 on leg side
Row 2: (k) dec 4 on leg side - all odd rows p
Row 4: dec 4 on leg side
Row 6, 8: dec 3 on leg side
Row 10: dec 2 on leg side
Row 12: join; dec 2 each side
Next 4 even rows, dec 1 each side =
23 rows and 20 sts remaining
Pick-up-knit 16 along right side of front opening, co 2 more for 18 st
5 rows k2p2 rib, bo. Sewed top edge to body; puk bottom edge when puk around leg

Back side -
Row 1: (p) bo 10 1st side, dec 4 at end
Row 2: (k) bo 10 other side, dec 4 at end - odd rows p
Row 4: dec 3 each side
Row 6, 8, 10: dec 2 each side
Starting row 12 - on even rows dec 1 each side 12 times for 35 rows

3 needle bind off for seam of front/back

Legs - puk 104; 5 rounds k2p2 rib; bo

Used a twisted cord for a cinch.

Things noted:
You can see where I started knitting the pattern - the middle of the back. So, you can see where the pattern changes to the next row in the pattern B hexagons.
Next time, start the pattern at the side (center of question mark) where you will divide for front and back.

For the first two hexagon pattern rows, I used continental with ivory and english with navy. Looks much better with navy continental and ivory english.

When purling, keep both colors continental-
both colors on top of index finger,
navy (color of design) closer to hand, under middle finger and over ring finger,
ivory (background) closer to finger tip, over middle finger, under ring finger,
then wrapped around little finger together (as a last step rather than how you would normally wrap your pinky up first).

1 front
2 back
3 side
4 front wrong side
5 back wrong side
6 dr. who patterns - question mark, are you my mummy gas mask, tardis, scary angels
7 Marti’s panty set pattern
8 purling - yellow=design(navy); red=background(ivory)

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November 29, 2016
December 4, 2016
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