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Mias nya vantar
Pirate Mittens by Adrian Bizilia
Needles & yarn
Garnstudio DROPS Karisma Classic
660 yards in stash
Deisy design in Gothenburg
Garnstudio DROPS Karisma Classic
120 yards in stash

My sister-in-law got a pair like these for her 40th birthday. She has loved them and worn them to pieces, and her only wish for her 50th birthday is a pair exactly the same! How can I say no? I even have the same yarn- still in my stash :)
I wonder if I’ve changed needles without thinking. They are very different in size. Hope I can block to fix because I’m out of the dark grey yarn now.

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December 30 2015
May 6 2016
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by Garnstudio
100% Wool
120 yards / 50 grams
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  • Originally queued: November 10, 2015
  • Project created: December 30, 2015
  • Finished: May 6, 2016
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