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July 10 2011
July 12 2011
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kiiro de sankaku
Physalis by Anna Kuduja
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Moda Vera Cup Cake
3.3 skeins = 349.8 yards (319.9 meters), 165 grams

This beautiful lace pattern attracts me a lot.
I wanted to experience to knit it, and as is always the case, I wanted to have fun. Making a Triangular shawl seemed a better idea for my fun rather than a rectaungular, so i start with a vague plan…

Kiiro=Yellow in Japanese

Love the more-than-i-expected-result! BUt…
-Had more yarn, i would’ve made it bigger.
-The angle of triangle at the bottom is a little too sharp. This differs from basic triangle shawls. The lace edge comes to around your neck, when you wrap it.

Physalis とはホオズキとな!

I prefer chubby physalis.
The yarn is not the best one but very soft and yellow! The needle size i decided is JP#10(5.1mm), that makes nicely chubby physalis.


  • Garter stitch edging (2sts)
  • On Row11 of the chart, start two new physalis; m1 at just inside the edging garters
  • On Row13&15, make1 in purl to create the purl borders at next to the edging garters

Set-up--Long-tail co3. k6rows, pick up 3sts from the garter, and from co dege.
--Start with 9sts on needle=one pattern(1st), purl border(2sts+2sts), edge sts(2sts+2sts)

Edge--After completing the 2nd physalis from the ends, the edging lace starts.
Completed physalis start shooting; Twisted rib st from Row 10 of the chart till the end.

Purl borders keeps to the end.

Incompleted physalis bloom like this…
Row11, YO, k2tog,YO, K2tog,YO,K, YO,ssk, YO,ssk..
Row13, YO ,K2tog,YO, k2tog,YO,K3, YO,ssk,YO, ssk..
(For laced WS, work purl)

Suspended Bind Off loosely.

My English is terrible as my hub says,
so please tolerate it

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July 10 2011
July 12 2011
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