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Crochet circular Rug
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June 2013
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Crochet circular Rug
Calico Rag Rug by Gillian Hamilton
Hooks & yarn
3 skeins = 600.1 yards (548.7 meters)
black and white
Spotlight in Victoria

I bought a few 200 meter balls of these jersey yarn from Spotlight as they were on special for 50 cents. I decided to make a circular rug and this guy used up 3 balls of yarn. Wish I bought more as i would have really liked it to be bigger but there are none left. All sold out.
This rug is relatively easy to make, the immediate circle started to bunch quite a bit but nothing a bit of blocking won’t fix. I will be stitching this rug to non slip mats from ikea.

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June 2013
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