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Cône de Pinaceae

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December 1 2012
March 17 2013
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Cône de Pinaceae
Pomme de pin Cardigan by Amy Christoffers
S 39"
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Kai Ranch Sidney
804 yards in stash
1.6 skeins = 918.4 yards (839.8 meters), 403 grams
Kid 'N Ewe
November 10, 2012

Swatched 21st/4” with 5s

buttonhole advice from Sylphette

Dec 2--finished bottom ribbing and two repeats of the lace chart.
Dec 14--I have not touched this since due to Christmas knitting.
Jan 4-- finished back.
Jan 5--finished left front and collar extension (34 rows and it may be a bit long). I left the collar stitches live.
Jan 16--ready for right front decreases and collar extension.
Jan 17--finished the body and grafted the collar stitches. you have to end the left front stitches at the end of the RS and at the end of the WS for the right front or visa versa
Jan 20--started the first sleeve. After completing the ribbing for both, I will knit them in pattern using two circulars.
Feb 28--two circs for the sleeves does NOT work. the way the lace pattern shifts makes it impossible. ripped back and restarted with DPN. First sleeve is at the end cap shaping. Ended with row 12 and made 1st decrease on 1st row after under arm BO.
Mar 11--one sleeve done and a few inches up the 2nd.
Mar 15--finished 2nd sleeve and seamed the back to the neck!! Great seaming tutorial.
Mar 17--finished the buttonband!!
Mar 18--Blocking!!!!!!!

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December 1 2012
March 17 2013
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