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September 2 2012
September 20 2012
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Step n' Time!
Eco Knit Child/Adult Adaptable Horseshoe Jacket by Lorraine Hearn
Child Small
Needles & yarn
US 10 - 6.0 mm
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky
5.25 skeins = 719.3 yards (657.7 meters), 525 grams

“We better keep an eye on this one. She’s tricky.”
-Michael (talking about Mary Poppins)
Mary Poppins

* Update as of Oct. 20, 2012…Check below for help as to what happens after Row 24 in the Pleat section of the pattern…

I absoutley feel in love with this coat once I saw it and just HAD to knit it up for my little girl. Was watching Mary Poppins too when I picked out the color for this yarn, so hence my inspiration :) I might leave off the horseshoe patterns at the end, but we’ll see…


Finished the Cord Pattern, which was really simple. Looks way more complicated than it was to knit up. Time to start picking up stitches…


All done with the top half (except for the collar), and now onto the bottom/pleat half. So far, this is a really quick knit (well, especially since I am knitting up the smallest size) and the directions are extremely clear which is super awesome. Makes the whole experience much more fun rather than frustrating when it all works out like a “spoon full of sugar”…


All bottom pleats done & just finished knitting up both sleeves…yay! I did these both at the same time on my circulars. It just makes knitting up sleeves go by quicker for me. Plus, I know for a fact that they’re both even and the same ;)


Collar is complete and looks so cute already! I started on the Cord Borders, but then changed my mind after knitting 4 rows on the first one. I’m changing the pattern up a bit and this is what I’m planning…
Going to knit up 2 Cord Borders, but casting on 5 stitches instead of the 9 as called for in the pattern. I just think it’ll make the coat/jacket look less “heavy”. And instead of snap fasteners, I will do toggles & buttons. More of an outdoor coat look I suppose. I am planning on doing the regular Cord Border for the collar though, so I still have quite a bit of knitting left before I block. Hoping what I have working in my head will turn out the same (or better!). Ha!


The never ending collar cord pattern…ugh…must keep knitting…must…keep…knitting…


Ready to block.


All finished blocking & weaving loose ends. I just have one more thing up my sleeve before I consider this coat all done and hopefully I’ll have it all ready to go by this week with lots of pictures to follow!


Will post pictures of my lil girl wearing it as soon as it cools down a bit here in LA (it’s currently 98 degrees in the Valley where I live, so I know that having a 2 year old model is not going to happen anytime soon). In the meantime, check out my finished coat. I ❤ it! Came out super cute! For more info on how I did the inside panels, read my Project Notes below.

“Oh, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious, if you say it loud enough, you’ll always sound precocious! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”
-Mary Poppins

~ Project Notes ~

  • Did not pick up thru the back loop on the slip stitch in the Cord Pattern. Instead picked up stitches thru both loops of the slip stitch for a more secure hold.
  • Used pfb for the increases on the Cord Pattern. You can check out a great video by verypinkknits here for this increase.
  • Looked at the Collared Adaptable Leaf Tab Jacket picture for a better sense of how the finished coat looks like from the front.
  • On the back panel, I just counted the number of Cord Pattern wraps I did on the Right Front Panel to get the correct row count.
  • Planning on doing a 3 Needle Bind off for the shoulder seams.
  • Found a few “reversed” pattern instructions for the Left Front Pleat (Row 15). I have an old version of the pattern, so this might already be fixed.
  • Added 2 extra rows to the back pleat to give some extra length.
  • Pattern irregularities for the Right Front Pleat on Rows 21 & 23. Had to con’t pattern as established and not read the instructions here. I have an old version of the pattern, so this might already be fixed.
  • When knitting the backside of the diamond pattern, use the front (RS) as your guide. Remember, you follow the diamond part (which is knit) and the rest are all purl stitches, so when you’re on the backside (WS), purl those knit stitches and knit the purl ones.
  • Note: Row 24 on the Back Pleat & Right Front Pleat call for Sl1 pwise, but this never appears on the Left Front Pleat for Row 24. Just saying. I didn’t do any Sl1 Pwise regardless. I have an old version of the pattern, so this might already be fixed.
  • Pattern is missing finishing for the Right Front Pleat, but it’s just the Knit to end & then Cast off all sts pwise. Easy.
  • Knitted both sleeves at the same time.
  • Three-needle bind off for shoulder seams using dpns.
  • After knitting up the collar, I noticed that if I were to knit this pattern up again, I would use size US 8 needles for the sleeve trim instead of US 10 as called for in the pattern. I just think it’ll tie in with the collar better. Personal preference.
  • Knitting Cord Borders as a single cord. Casted on 5 stitches instead of 9.
  • Knitted about 16 inches of the Collar Cord Pattern before I started seaming it onto the actual collar. You must do this in order to know when to bind-off.
  • When sewing/seaming the borders on, for every one stitch on the border, you must skip every other on the coat seam or your coat will warp.
  • NOTE: For those with the know how, when knitting up the top half & bottom pleats, go ahead and knit in the cord borders as well. Doing them after and then seaming them in is not fun. Then again, I’m not a fan of seaming in general, so this would be a better option for me if I were to knit this again :)
  • Blocking the back panel & collar first. Once dry, block the left & right panels next.
  • The fit on my 2 year old is a little big, which is perfect! I don’t want her to outgrow this coat in a matter of weeks. I want her to enjoy it for a full season at the very least :) My only concern are the sleeve lengths. They are quite long, especially with the cute trim and it’s impossible to “just roll up”. Might have to figure something out, if not long sleeves it is.
  • For the inside panels & buttons, I got this wonderful idea from kjphoto’s project Toddler Hoodie. To make it easier for me to cut out the fabric panels, while I was blocking (when it was dry of course), I took regular tissue paper and made a quick pattern of all three panels. I then pinned the tissue over the fabric and gave myself about 2 inches of selvage and cut out the pieces, used a sewing machine to hem the edges, and then hand stitched the panels in place. It really didn’t take very long to hand stitch them in either. Voilà!
  • Button covers were the easiest part of this project. You can buy them at any craft or fabric store and they come in different sizes. I used a size 60 which is 1-1.2”.
  • Knitted up 4 small i-cords using US 9 dpns and then sewed them on. I reinforced them as well, so they wouldn’t stretch as much.

Update: I have been messaged quite a bit about what happens after Row 24 once you start the bottom pleat section of the jacket. If you are paying attention to the lattice pattern, you will notice that the next row (25) will need to have P3 to begin, so you start right back up on Row 13. You will need to add an extra repeat of the TWR, P4, TWR in order to continue before you P1, M1.
Also, I found that knitting the lattice pattern for the sleeve/collar portion of the pattern to be easier to follow. Maybe, if you are up for it, use those lattice instructions instead. I have not tried this, but if I ever knit this coat again, I would definitely give this a go and see if it works :)

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September 2 2012
September 20 2012
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