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Corridale Breed Swatch
October 10 2015
October 20 2015
Project info
Corridale Breed Swatch
Knit British Breed Swatch Along
8" x 8"
Stitch pattern
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Willanjie Coloured Corridale
1 skein = 109.4 yards (100.0 meters), 50 grams
Willanjie Coloured Sheep
September 2015

Breed: Corridale
Wool Category: Medium
Brand: Wilanjie Coloured Sheep. Direct from farm: Marion Stewart, Wangandary, Victoria
Form: Yarn (3 plies)
Weight: DK

Preparation: This is mill spun so most likely semi-worsted.
Description: The yarn feels firm and robust but bouncy. It is a natural light grey but on the beige side, more like a silver mushroom colour. Some lustre and sheen.

Using 4 mm, metal Birch circular needles I cast on 55 sts and adding or subtracting a one or two stitches to make the repeats, knit 3 stitch patterns from The Harmony Guides 450 Knitting Stitches Vol 2, p 19: Reverse Stocking Stitch Chevrons (6 st repeat + 5 = 57 sts), Double Fleck Stitch (6 st repeat + 4 = 56 sts ) and Double Basket Weave (4 st repeat + 3 = 57 sts). 5 sts either side form the selvedge.

The knitting was exceptionally pleasant. The yarn did not snag, split or slip. Occasional small noils easily removed and no vegetation encountered.

Observances of unwashed swatch: The unwashed swatch measured 25 cm high x 26 cm at base, 25 cm at middle and 24 cm at top. The fabric is firm but not stiff. It has structure and integrity.

Wash, Block and Wear - Test 1

Washing: I washed it in tepid water with a little liquid pure soap and eucalyptus mix. Soaked for 30 mins and soaked in clean tepid water for 30 mins. Faint odour of naphthalene detected.

Blocking: I blocked it by laying it flat, smoothing and squaring but not pinning. It came out to 26 cm x 26 cm. It dried to 26 cm at the base and 25 cm at the top and 25 cm tall. This probably reflects the stitch types, the top pattern acting like a rib stitch and drawing the fabric in.

The swatch still feels sturdy and robust after washing but has softened. I was surprised to find no itch factor wearing it next to my skin. It has shrunk by a centimetre and whilst it has flattened and evened out, I would not say it has bloomed particularly. I rubbed it vigorously against itself (through the middle pattern zone) and after repeated vigorous rubbing, I raised a few pills which were easily removed.

Wash, Block and Wear - Test 2

I washed the swatch exactly the same way. Naphthalene odour not noticeable. Blocked to same dimensions and dried to same dimensions. Still OK to wear against the skin but the swatch feels a little denser, a little less springy than before. Some signs of wear in the middle section where I really rubbed it. I rubbed it vigorously against itself again and raised a little halo but nothing more.

Final and Overall Assessment:

This is a sturdy wool yet a surprisingly wearable yarn. I think it would wear well as an everyday cardigan with lots of texture. It might possibly full over time but this would not effect the durability of the garment. It might actually make it more robust. I can imagine a very useful cardigan with deep pockets that I could wear dog walking, gardening and bike riding, an everyday companion-in-life cardigan. I have been surprised by its next-to-the-skin wearability so as a garment, it could be worn over a tshirt without itching. I plan to breathe life into that cardigan vision.


Pics (top to bottom) Ist blocking, yarn, unblocked, 2nd blocking

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October 10 2015
October 20 2015
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