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December 13 2012
December 17 2012
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White and small Blue Totoro amigurumi by Lucy Collin
One size
Hooks & yarn
3.5 mm (E)

Anime loving brother is going to get a Totoro for Christmas!

I made the medium blue totoro and my sister crocheted up the mini white one--the second crochet project she has ever done. She is very proud of that little guy.

The color of the totoro I crocheted is more grayish blue, so the two photos on the bottom depict the real shade better.

The white tummy came out smaller than I hoped (probably due to me using fingering weight yarn instead of dk), so I had to crochet a few extra rounds to make it the right size.

I crocheted circles for the white part of the eyes but didn’t sew them down--thought it wasn’t really necessary.

Used 9mm eyes instead of 6mm. I think they look proportionally correct.

Instead of using safety eyes for the mini white totoro, we went with using small, black wooden beads and sewed them on using black thread. He looks so cute!

Even though I hadn’t even heard of Totoro until I talked to my sister, he is one darn cute creature. :)

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December 13 2012
December 17 2012
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