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Granny wants a latte macchiato
131-52 Latte Macchiato by DROPS design
Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)

A granny rug for my daughter’s bed to match her bedroom makeover.

See blogpost here

This is prone to neglect occasionally. (OK, more than just occasionally…. I knit so much more readily that I crochet.)

I made 5 more squares during February COM 2014.

January 2015: Square count at the beginning - 149.
Sewed up what we had so far. Each row 20 squares long. 7 rows completed. Kiki helped with the sewing up when I had her home for the holidays. We are using mattress stitch to sew up the squares. She claims it’s just suturing. She sutures much faster than I can sew. She says she can’t crochet but can contribute to her only blankie by sewing.

And I got the crochet hook out and began making more squares. I also organised the yarn into little plastic ziplock bags for each colour grouping. Tidy makes it easy to pick up and just do a square. I will need more yarn to finish this though.
January 2015: Square count: 7

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