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October 4 2014
November 2014
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Fungus Among Us
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
Trendsetter Yarns Tonalita
Wisdom Yarns Poems Sock
1 skein = 459.0 yards (419.7 meters), 100 grams
Spotlight in Victoria

OK, I got enticed to play again. The IFFF CKAL - Fungus Among Us! running from October 1 -November 30 2014 and each week a different fungus related object to make. I just had to do this. Fungus are so amazing, such variety and inspiration and of course they are Mel’s favourite things..

I think Mel will be the recipient of all the fungi. We are toying with a fungi bunting, fungi Christmas tree ornaments or tiny little knitted fungi for placing in tiny terrariums or test tubes / glass apothecary jars.

Fungus 1: Phallus Indusiatus or Bamboo Fungus. Instructions from twisted1 (Loren). I made a tiny little 2 inch tall mushroom using the 2D knitted flat and seamed instructions. Needles: 2.75 mm. Stem and skirt in 3 ply white yarn and cap in Trendsetter Tonalita single ply - the last couple of metres I had left over - this was an olive / brown mix and really silky looking. Seamed and stuffed. (4th October 2014)

Fungus 2: Turkey Tail. Instructions from roseknits24-7 (Rose). I had some Wisdom Poems Sock Yarn in a colourway called Pumpkin patch which was just the right colours - rich brown, shades of dull green and golden tan through to pumpkin. I used the basic knit instructions and just knitted a number of pieces of varying sizes. I used some cream 3 ply for the cast off for each. I wasn’t all that impressed with the Poems Sock. There’s no way I would knit socks out of this. it’s a loosely wound single ply and very fragile to knit with, breaking easily under tension. It’s also slightly fuzzy. The colour runs in this yarn are also quite long so each bracket of this fungus that I made is essentially one colour.

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October 4 2014
November 2014
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by Trendsetter Yarns
52% Wool, 48% Acrylic
100 yards / 50 grams
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by Wisdom Yarns
75% Wool, 25% Nylon
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