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Sunrise / sunset

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February 5 2015
February 9 2015
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Sunrise / sunset
Lady Jane Grey's gloves by Sarah Lady
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Dye Experiment #1 (Sunrise / sunset)
in stash
2.5 skeins
sunrise / sunset

So we hand-dyed this beautiful yarn. Mel chose a long cabled armwarmer / gauntlet pattern to show it off.

These are elbow length with a plaited cable on the the top. Shaped to fit the arm.

Cast on as Day 5 cast on for February COM. It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. Used 3.75 mm rather 3.5 mm as suggested in the pattern. (3.5 mm is not a standard size in Australia). Misinterpreted the instructions for the placement of the thumb gusset and got to the top of the gusset before realizing I had to frog back about 18 rows and move it over. Completed to top of glove but frogged back and re-knit edging on 3.25 mm needles to make it fit tightly enough around Mel’s palm.

This is a free pattern and not for the faint-hearted novice. It is a little primitive in it’s writing style only detailing the cable section and describing where to place it. It requires some intuitive decisions that only come from years of experience. (That said, it is a lovely design).

I love how the colours spiral around this. It makes me happy just to look at it.

Second mitt cast on 7th February and completed 9th February with no fuss and drama attached!

I need to dye more yarn! it’s eleventy times more fun to knit with your own hand dyed yarn!

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February 5 2015
February 9 2015
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