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Anne-Girl Socks
May 21 2011
May 4 2012
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Anne-Girl Socks
Anne-Girl Socks by Bronwyn Benson
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
440 yards = 1 skein
Woolen Mill St. Yarns superwash merino sock yarn
none left in stash
1 skein = 440.0 yards (402.3 meters)

“That Anne-girl improves all the time … I get tired of other girls - there is such a provoking and eternal sameness about them. Anne has as many shades as a rainbow…” ~Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

I got this yarn and originally wanted to do something fall-like, but nothing was coming to mind. Looking at the yarn more and more made me think of poor Anne Shirley and her failed attempt to dye her hair raven black. It’s not quite as green as her hair might’ve been, but I know how my hair looked when it was green and it was more brownish.

The pattern has a large braid in the middle, flanked by two small braids and a small twist on each side. Of course there had to be Anne’s braids! :)

So these are my “Anne-girl” socks (god forbid if I called them “carrots”!). This is the first pattern I’ve created. We’ll see how they go as they progress. If I can get them done well enough maybe there’ll be a pattern to follow. :)

2/27/12 - So I haven’t worked on these in ages. I got through all the pattern repeats I wanted for the leg, but was afraid to do the heel. I’ve never done my own pattern before and with such nice yarn I didn’t want to screw up. But I tackled it today and it’s going well. I’m using basically the same heel work that I did for the basic socks I’ve made before, just modified for the stitch count I have. So we’re moving on again! Maybe I’ll have these done and written soon! :)

3/4/12 - About halfway through the foot! I’d forgotten how tiring the cables can be, but I’m loving how they’re turning out. :) Almost done with the first one finally!

3/5/12 - Finished the first sock! Here I was thinking the heel was going to be the difficult part and it wound up that the toe was. D’oh! I must’ve restarted the toe four times before I found one that works. Also, weird pooling on the toe… Hmm… Now to test my pattern writing on the second one! :)

5/1/12 - Finally started the second sock on Sunday (4/29). I’m about halfway to the heel already. I’m in between baby projects at the moment, waiting for my mom to bring me my fiberfill from their house so I can make some stuffies for her co-workers who are expecting. Hopefully I can finish this sock within the week, since Mom’s coming up Saturday for (sort of) graduation (sort of, in that I’m graduating but not participating in the ceremony, they’re just coming to visit and go to dinner). We shall see! :)

5/4/12 - Finished! I have to take pictures and edit the pattern (written from sock one, edited from sock two) and then I should be able to post the pattern! :) Took almost a year to finally do, but they’re done. :) I’d be interested in seeing these in a solid color. I love the variegated yarn, but the pattern gets a bit lost…

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May 21 2011
May 4 2012
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