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Cardi for me
February 28 2013
April 10 2013
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Cardi for me
Cybelle by Ariane Caron-Lacoste
Between 38" and 43"
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label DK Weight
none left in stash
4 skeins = 1040.0 yards (951.0 meters), 460 grams
Tanis Fiber Arts

-Did one more increase row than size 38.
-Added a fourth buttonhole.
-Decreased the sleeves every fourth row for 48 rows for tighter and shorter sleeves.
-I think I did the pocket flat starting on the WS so that’s technically a mod…

4/25/13 - Finally have pictures uploaded (pardon the goofiness :) ). The left front edge curls under a bit, but I’ll be able to fix that next blocking. I love this cardigan. It’s so comfy. :)

4/10/13 - Buttons are sewn on so I’m calling it done. I do still have to block but that’s minor, really. I have to take pictures still, too.

4/4/13 - Bought buttons today after work. Will probably put them on this weekend. I’m not sure when I’ll block it, but once the buttons are on I’m counting it done, lol.

4/1/13 - All knit and all ends and pockets are sewn up. I have to get buttons and block it but it’s done! :) I’ll take pictures when it’s finished I think.

3/30/13 - Sleeve take two is a success. It fits really well now. Onto the second sleeve.

3/30/13 - Just finished the first sleeve and tried it on. It’s much too big at the cuff. I’m going to frog nearly the whole sleeve and decrease more and a bit more at the cuff too. Hopefully that’ll work… :/ Blah. I didn’t make the sleeve nearly as long as the directions said because I like this length better; I can’t believe how big it’d be if I had though.

3/27/13 - I’m on to the first sleeve. I’m starting to worry that I’m going to run out of yarn… I’m really hoping I won’t, but we shall see. It’s turning out great otherwise though.

3/21/13 - Well I was into the body but then tried it on. It was a bit big and the sleeves were much too big so I’ve frogged back a ways to somewhere between the 38” size and the 43” ( to the 38” actually) and am back to the body. Yay! I love this yarn and the colors in it are amazing. I can’t wait to be able to wear it. :)


Adding a sad note. About a month ago, when I washed this, one thread came unraveled and laddered up and down the left side in a four stitch segment. I finally decided to face it and have used a crochet hook and fixed the stitches. Now I’m at a point where I’m not entirely sure what to do again. I’m thinking I’ll Kitchener the four stitches on top and bottom together, and then maybe sort of duplicate stitch across the row a bit to secure and hopefully prevent more unraveling. Now I just need to see about finding the itty bitty bit of yarn I had left…


Finally found the bit of yarn I had left and mended it. You can kind of tell where it was (well, I can), but at least there’s no hole and its wearable again.

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February 28 2013
April 10 2013
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by Tanis Fiber Arts
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