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February 26 2011
August 5 2015
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Émilien by Ariane Caron-Lacoste
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Berroco Weekend
1845 yards in stash
Knitter's Kove
February 12, 2011
Berroco Weekend
410 yards in stash
Knitter's Kove in Commerce Township, Michigan
February 12, 2011

10/2/15 - It’s cold and he wore it today. :) <3

8/5/15 - Finally done and it fits and everything. I tore out the sleeves and did a decrease row every seventh row. For how long they are, this decreased down to 60sts, then did a tightening row decreasing 8 down to 52sts. Did the ribbing as written. Just need to do the totals for the yarn when I find it all again…

5/21/14 - The sleeves are pinned in so I just need to count and do the math so I can decrease right. They need to be brought in quite a bit…

9/22/13 - Finally sewed in the zipper. That took awhile… lol. Now to have Josh try it on so I can figure out how much to bring in the sleeves.

1/1/13 - Just finished the zipper bands. Now to get a zipper and sew it in at some point… Josh really likes it. :)

11/14/12 - I did the collar on Sunday night. I did 14 rows I think… (I don’t have my notes in front of me.) I’m sewing in all the ends now which is my least favorite part, lol. Josh thinks the sleeves will be fine how they are but I’m leaving them till last to let him think more. :)

11/2/12 - Just finished the second sleeve! Josh tried it on and really loves it. The sleeve cuffs are a bit loose so I might be ripping them back a bit and making them tighter, but Josh is still thinking on it. Tomorrow or Sunday I’ll look up a good collar to do since he doesn’t want a hood. I don’t think I will have to buy more black either, so I’m happy about that. :)

10/8/12 - Finally finished the left sleeve! My poor, patient husband. I’ve put it off for so long because it’s just so tedious, working on a bag and a hat and some socks and mitts in between. But I finished the left sleeve yesterday and started the right. I’m hoping I won’t run out of yarn… Luckily he doesn’t want a hood, but I’m worried I might still run out… Eep! We’ll see.

7/21/12 - So last night I made it to the cuff (hem?) of the body. Yay! However, in going to switch to the smaller needles for the hem, I found out that I’ve done the entire thing on the 6s, not the 7s. I nearly cried. I’m just continuing on the 6s. This explains why it’s a bit tight on Josh though… :/

7/11/12 - Soo… It’s been a while… lol I pick at this a little bit here and there. I worked on it all day Monday and had Josh try it on when he got home from work. I’m a few inches (well, maybe 5) shy of being done with the body portion! I’m feeling on a roll with my knitting and this is my only(!) project right now, so I’m keeping at it. I want Josh to have it for this fall and the cooler weather, so… I’m trying!

4/20/11 - Hm, I don’t remember quite when I last worked on this. I’ve been busy with school. Almost 2 weeks I think, eep! I thought I’d upload new photos though. I got quite a bit done while watching Mildred Pierce at my friend’s, but since that ended I haven’t touched it. :(

3/25/11 - The other night I got past the arms! I haven’t done anything since (stupid school getting in the way + being sick… lol). But I’m very excited to have gotten that far. Now for the boring part with no increases or anything until it hits the right length.

3/3/11 - I’ve gotten past the first blue stripe! :) Josh’s liking it so far and I’m pleased. I’m really liking knitting this. It’s really straightforward and pretty mindless, which I like.

2/27/11 - Started last night, worked for a few hours and am about 1.5” through. :) I’ve done 16 rows. Cast on 92, added 8 every other row so far, so… a lot. It’s going to take me a while…

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February 26 2011
August 5 2015
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