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January 2008
March 31 2008
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Spring Sweater
#06 Swing Pullover by Cari Clement
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Knit Picks Shine Worsted
17 skeins = 1275.0 yards (1165.9 meters), 850 grams
Knit Picks

I just noticed when looking in the pattern description on ravelry that the pattern give two needle sizes, 7 and 8, it says to gauge using the 8s but then never mentions needle size again. I started on the 8s… Maybe the 7s are for the ribbing at the top, though the pattern never specified… now I’m worried. Other than that pattern issue I love the yarn, it knits up beautifully and is sooo soft for cotton!

(Turns out, yes the 7s are for the ribbing at the top.)

2/2: The Back is finished and the Front is about half way done. Then on to more stockinette in the sleeves and finally the fun part--the cables!

3/10: I do not update this enough. The front is now also finished and I’m halfway done with the decreases on the sleeves.

3/15: So close to finishing sleeves! One more increase round and then the shaping. Shaping always seems to go really fast because I’m so close to the end that it’s easy to just keep going. I’m so bored with plain stockinette right now!

3/31 Finally finished! Sewed the yoke to the body today. When looking at the piece as I was knitting it I thought it would be WAY too big. It seemed gigantic, but I think when I put it on it hangs nicely. It just looks big because of the A-line shape of the garment. I’m still a bit worried that the shine will stretch out over time but I really like the way it looks now.

12/7 I didn’t really like the flared bottom of the sweater after wearing it for a while because if I wasn’t just standing still it had a tendency to poof in just the wrong place and make me look pregnant. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and get rid of the flare. I steeked. I basically unseamed the sides, sewed safety stitches with my sewing machine, and then cut the extra fabric from the side so that the font and back became a square instead of a trapezoid. Also the neck had gotten pretty stretched out, to the point where it would feel like it was falling off my shoulders so I did a ring of crochet around the inside to stabilize it using a blog post from the yarn harlot as my guide. Now it looks much better I think.

The first two photos are post-steeking. The third and fourth photos are the original pattern.

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January 2008
March 31 2008
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About this yarn
by Knit Picks
60% Cotton, 40% Cellulose
75 yards / 50 grams
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