sassymetrical in magnolia
July 11, 2009
September 1, 2009

sassymetrical in magnolia

Project info
sassymetrical by Gay Schiff
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Lion Brand LB Collection Cotton Bamboo
39 yards in stash
2.84 skeins = 695.8 yards (636.2 meters), 284 grams
lion brand yarn studio

20090913- fixed neckline with a line of single crochet on WS seedstitch edging. (sc into the purl bumps and then ch 1 for the knit.) will retake & add photos as I can. Now i’ll happily wear this. (forgot cotton bamboo has no memory)
20090901- finished. need to weave in ends.
20090831- queue at ikea returns (OY!! the pain & agony) and traffic lead to 2.5” knitted. Think I will be selfish and commute with it in the morning. Would be very nice to FINISH it before it’s way too cold to wear.
20090830- i guess i’m happy there was traffic both ways to the house this weekend. sigh still about 3” left before edging. hope i like it. hope it still fits in the arms since all this “new-again” yard work and general construction at the house has me gaining back muscle I’ve not had for 12 years.
20090827- think i want the sleeves to be around 8-ish inches of stockinette followed by the seedstitch edging. am about 4” in. Really want to be done but it’s difficult because of the house debating going down a needle size for the sleeve edge.
20090816- only knit about 6 rounds total on the sleeves so far. moving slowly because of the house :)
20090811- bound off the body. now to knit me some sleeves and weave in a pile o ends and do some blocking and i haz me a new cardigan. oh i don’t care what the design said, i wanted a very loose bindoff, so i just did the (russian? oy i forget what it’s called all k2tog tbls) bo with 4.25mm needles. i like it. I think the length is where I want it. I won’t really know until I wear it a bit. also just realized i knit the body completely straight and never did the side decreases. whatever. loose boxy, it’ll be a nice extra layer. Knitted about four rounds of the sleeves tonight. Is no longer commute knitting so hopefully i’ll be able to finish it before it’s no longer season-appropriate.
20090810- 7:30a joined a third ball for body so it’s time to make the bottom border.
20090809- at 12” barely knit on it this weekend. i think it’s ok and will make bottom border now.
20090806- at 11” … tried it on and think i want at least 16 before edging. the neck is a wee bigger than i thought, because i didn’t think, but it’ll work out. i’ll come up with something. i hope.
20090804- about 7.5” past. Need around 12 or so before I start the edging.
20090802- 5.5” past armholes, gah! that’s not much!!
20090731- 3” past armholes. finished first ball.
20090721- 1:30p time to check sizing and most likely divide for sleeves. YAY!
7a about 5.25” from CO edge
20090720- bought a fifth skein, just incase. want to make sure have decent length! feels smooth as cream (sorta looks like it too).
20090713- 7a about 3” from CO edge
20090711- cast on so i have some car knitting.
original thoughts- lengthen sleeves and body. waist shaping? (see fav’d project for ideas)

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July 11, 2009
September 1, 2009
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