jumble sale kimono
May 30, 2013
October 25, 2014

jumble sale kimono

Project info
The Jumble Sale Kimono for the Widow Mayhew's Daughter by Andi Smith
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Lion Brand LB 1878
3313 yards in stash
Lion Brand Yarn Studio in NYC, New York
November 18, 2010

This is a lovely design. Due to my yarn and its darker colour, lack of stitch definition, and my own personal style, I made quite a few mods to this sweater along the way. I have worn the original sample and it’s beautiful in a squishy happy solid fingering weight. I believe the LB 1878 to be a light fingering and the charcoal meant you can’t see the cables. It’s a very lovely sweater! In time I’ll weight it, but even for the small size you need quite a bit of yarn.

2013-05-30- going to swatch. really! ok. decided sleeve as swatch. because I’ll probably never knit them otherwise, I plan to ATTEMPT to knit on at least some of the welts despite the difference in needle size & st counts. If that experiment survives beyond the first repeat, time will tell. Because I always try to avoid seaming, I will force myself to knit the sleeves flat so that I have to practice. Additionally, since I’m knitting off the cone, I’m doing one-sleeve-at-a-time so they’ll hopefully be the same length at the end.. Therefore I provisionally cast-on for the first sleeve. I am through the first increase.
2013-06-09- first sleeve done. need to block, but i think my plan of pCO -> increase -> knit-on welt worked. need to check row gauge before i do the side welts but first i have to knit another sleeve, two fronts, and the back. debating semi seamless fronts/back. weighs ~41g
2013-06-23- was able to wear the sample during TNNA. i actually wore it off the show once because it fit so perfectly.
2014-02-02- second sleeve started during superb owl. i am so very sad this yarn is no more.
2014-02-03- second sleeve at 8.5” thanks to sherlock.
2014-08-13- picked back up! #yearofmaking 225/365
2014-08-18- 7:30a, bound off top of second sleeve. finished increases for knitted on welt. 12p, should have knitted welt shifted so I could seam properly. Oh well, they’ll be evenly not right.
2014-08-22- finished second sleeve!
2014-08-23- started fronts and body knit at the same time but separately. we’ll see how long until it ends up as a mess of tangle.
2014-08-25- 2” in. quite tangled, but so far it’s not too big a mess.
2014-09-17- 6” in and a few inches in, picked up the wrong strand and knit the left side to the back… will have to tink back and fix.
2014-10-19 - seamed. may have set arms a bit tighter than i like, but too late now. due to my poor yarn choice, i am changing the bottom hem and the collar … bottom hem is that, hemmed … to provide weight and ensure it hangs. collar is now a knitted on 1x1 rib (over 18 sts or so). was going to do collar brioche but doing that and knitting on was too difficult as i kept dropping stitches. got SO close to finishing FOR rhinebeck but it was too windy and gusty so how I just have to race the yarn and prep the other sweater i’m going to rip so i can finish. hem facing is in LB1878 avocado, didn’t weigh, but doubt i used much.
2014-10-25- forgot to increase collar st count due to 1x1 rib instead of brioche so the collar is about a half inch narrower than i’d have liked, but that’s ok. I did a tubular bind off on the collar ends at the bottom. wove in all the ends! Will steam block in the morning.
2014-10-26- blocked. worn around lower manhattan this morning … it’s lovely. may add a pocket or two in the future. attempted a photo shoot, but we all know my model Jane is more photogenic than I am. the back is wrinkled because i wore it all day before trying to take photos. ♥

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May 30, 2013
October 25, 2014
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