whispers in natural heather
May 22, 2009
September 14, 2009

whispers in natural heather

Project info
Whisper Cardigan by Hannah Fettig
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
US 2 - 2.75 mm
US 00 - 1.75 mm
Lion Brand LB 1878
920 yards in stash
0.33 skeins = 674.9 yards (617.1 meters), 165 grams
Lion Brand Yarn Studio in NYC, New York

20100317- finally blocked. (yeah, I know). sleeves are now bracelet length and the drape is even more divine. I ♥ THIS!
20091110- added 30 rounds (i should measure somewhere between 3.5-4”) to each sleeve using a 2.25 mm needle (because i happened to have a 9” circ of that size handy). Wasn’t aiming for such a stark mm decrease but it works well enough and i think/hope I like it. If I don’t at least now both sleeves have a bound off edge and I don’t have to snip/pickup/unravel/etc again. :)

20090914- binding off. :) photos soon.
20090913- traffic has me about 7.5” in. Think I’m going to go for 9 or more.
20090912- 6” into lower body. two more to go! :)
20090910- 3.25” into lower body. I received some really nice compliments on it tonight at LBYS and they really made my day. I just hope I like this by the time it’s done. ;) I’m doing the M1 increases every 4th or 5th RS row so it’s not so big and will potentially lengthen the back a little. we’ll see.
20090909- i declare it to be 3”. ok lower body let’s see what happens. :)
20090908- collar is 4.5cm of 7.5cm … this is definitely a black hole of ribbing!
20090905- Body & sleeves used up 87g or approximately 356 yards. Time to pick up for the collar and waist. WOO HOO. (do wish i had done some parts of the sleeves differently but c’est la vie, I’ll knit featherweight to get that desired effect). Question of the day: will i finish before it’s too cold to wear?
20090903- E sent me on some errands which meant lots of public transit time.
3pm: i’m 24 (of 72) rounds into the sleeve.
9:30pm: i’m 42 (of 72) rounds into the sleeve!
20090902- finished body while sitting in traffic. realized this can be a car project even though I’m knitting off the cone. CO for left sleeve.
20090801- five rows past back “seam” used 1.75mm for the “seam”.
20090715- first sleeve, 74 rounds on this edition later, i declare thee done. i think it’ll block out good. GAH magic loop is a B-----.
20090713- closing in on the end of the first sleeve. not in love with magic loop, but whatever.
20090623- ripped and re CO with 3.25mm needles because tension was 21st/4”. AAAARRGGG!! why does it hate me? (in good news the yarn doesn’t seem to mind this ripping). currently on round 4. also CO 76 and will knit straight …..
20090618- after looking at it and thinking about knitting it for a few weeks, i actually knitted another decrease round repeat tonight. Not zooming, but hopefully once the cupcakes are done I can focus on this sort of thing. at this pace I’ll be done with it next year. I would like to have it for the office.
20090524- zooming along.
20090521- issues casting on. i can’t count and i didn’t bother to swatch so it took three tries to get it right. by the third try i decided to do a small hem on the sleeves. yarn is yummy.

modifications: hemmed sleeves and bottom.
random techniques: magic loop (cuz i’m normally a two circ girl but my hiyahiya set can’t do that. guess i’ll have to buy another one?! hah)

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May 22, 2009
September 14, 2009
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