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November 2011
May 2014
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Craft Room Awesomeness
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5/22 Craftroom is finished!!! I have room for wall art and would like to change out the ceiling fixture one day, but all the craftroom basics are handled and fabulous!

3/3/14 Major progress has been made in the craftroom. Just have to hang the curtains and I’ll be done with the basics!!! Photos to come soon!!!

4/2/13 Progress has been made! I went to Target the other night and bought two closet sweater hanger things and loaded up as much yarn on them as I could. I think it came out awesomely. Way more organized!

4/27/12 So after moving into my house, my craft room turned into the “put it in there for the time being” room for many months. Hot ghetto mess.

I finally got it organized just in time to be Swap Central for the 2012 Pot Holder Swap. Woot woot woot!

Curtains and additional storage to come soon!

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November 2011
May 2014
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