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July 30 2010
September 5 2010
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non-patriotic non-pizzazz
Patriotic Pizzazz by Andra Knight-Bowman
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
elann.com Den-M-Nit Pure Indigo Cotton
2000 yards in stash

i’m totally unlikely to make a red-white-blue striped garment, i don’t really want to drape myself in the dutch flag (what, did you think i was gonna refer to the US one? that one has stars :).

i’m keeping the pattern though - 8 rows each of stockinette, seed, and garter stitch. the patterned stripes look very understated in the dark denim; i like it. and so far it’s not boring; just enough change to keep from going cross-eyed, but not so much that i’d have to count. watching “burn notice”.

the yarn is shrinky, but cotton stretches -- though this is cotton on the bias, and i am not sure how much that will stretch. i did a swatch, but am basically still winging it because i have no idea how the yarn will behave in a large garment.

the shrink and the stretch basically cancelled each other out, yay. it fits well. i hemmed with extended single crochet which i like a lot better than single (less stiff), and didn’t (so far) hem the neck opening which might otherwise be a little tight. the feel of the yarn is already much nicer after just one wash. i should not have washed the 2 pieces before seaming; they went a bit out of whack.

NOTE: the first photo is most definitely not MY copyright, it’s the original from “creative knitting” magazine, and the pattern here did not have that photo (yet).

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July 30 2010
September 5 2010
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by elann.com
100% Cotton
100 yards / 50 grams
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