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All Season Scarf
25. Frill Mini Muffler フリルミニマフラ一 by Teruko Iesato (家郷 輝子)
Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)
Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
1 skein = 215.0 yards (196.6 meters), 100 grams
Gift from Riley's mom

As this is in Japanese, I just followed the charts, but have no idea what are the other written instructions.

Over-crochet to 19” on Pattern A (instead of 17” indicated on pattern), so instead of ripping, I just continue on. Scarfs still wears fine for me.

Might be a misprint on the chart of Row 1 of Pattern B:
At the end, pattern charts indicate: dc in previous dc, ch1, (dc, ch1, dc)-> in top of ch3 in previous row.
Correction I made: (dc, ch1, dc)-> in the same dc in previous, ch 1, dc in top of ch3 of previous row. This would match the beginning of Pattern B.

Attaching to Scarf:

  1. Attach Motif A to the scarf using sc. (13 sc), leaving a long tail when
    attaching yarn to use for sew Motif B.
  2. Continue to sc on the side (14 sc)
  3. Sc 13 on bottom of motif
  4. Sc 14 on the other side, join to 1st sc
  5. Work edge fringe
  6. Sl st 14 on side
  7. Work edge fringe
  8. Sl st 14 on the other side, join & fasten off.

Motif B - added another round of sc, leaving a long tail to sew to Motif A.

Edit: Link up pattern to Frill Mini Muffler

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January 18 2011
January 19 2011
About this yarn
by Brown Sheep
80% Cotton, 20% Merino
215 yards / 100 grams
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