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Cherry Potluck
Shalom Cardigan by Meghan McFarlane
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Cherry Tree Hill Yarn Potluck Worsted
DBNY - Discontinued Brand Name Yarn

Since my yarn is variegated, the stockinette stitch for the body would be perfect to bring out the different color streak. This rib yoke pattern would add a little pizazz.


long sleeve
buttons through out cardi (buttonhole every 3.5”)
perhaps a simple lace sleeves-cuff (scallop, wave, chevron)?

My Gauge:
1” = 4 sts, 6 rows.


  • CO 83 (keep to odd number in order to stay with yoke pattern)
  • Start button hole at end of row 7. Used One-row Horizontal Buttonhole which looks much neater and don’t need to be reinforced. This button hole needs to be started on the RS. Hence, starting the buttonhole at end of an odd number row.

Since I’m using a smaller needle and gauge is different from the original pattern, I wasn’t sure if I should knit more rows of the yoke pattern.

After looking through several completed project I notice that some knitters decreased the yoke repeats, while others increased. Those that decreased, the yoke will wear above bust line or at mid bust line. I prefer mine to be under the bust-line. Therefore, I will be increasing my yoke pattern to 11 rows instead of 9 rows.

I also found that littleGoat’s/SFcorgi’s notes match my gauge best. So I will be referring to their notes from now on. Thanks so much ladies! :)

Planning for 6 buttons. Every 3.5” (~ 22 rows)
Buttonhole @ end of:
row 29
row 51
row 73
row 95
row 117

row 51 (row 45 on original pattern)
k32, k41, transfer to scarp yarn, k65, k41, transfer to scarp yarn, k32 (also buttonhole row)

UGH! 50% done with the St st on the body, and I realized there’s an accidental 4” in length of purls on the RS right after sleeve’s CO. So had to rip-back. Plus, I miscounted the rows after the sleeve BO, and this throws my buttonhole row off as well. Since I don’t have a row counter device, I checked it off the print-out each time I completed a row. This could be a problem when the rows are modified.

Body done! Just need long sleeves and I will have a new cardigan to welcome Fall and Winter! Can’t wait!

Waist Decrease:

K to 27th st, pm, k till 27 sts left, pm.
On dec row: k to 1st marker, dec after marker, k to 3 sts before 2nd marker, then dec. (repeat dec 5 x)

Hip Increase:

On inc row: k to 1st marker, slip marker, M1R, k, M1L, k to 1 st before 2nd marker, M1R, k, M1L, slip marker. (repeat inc 4 x)

Decided to omit any fancy cuff and bottom edge as any too complicated pattern will not stand out with this color streak.

Yarn is a bit scratchy to be worn next to skin. Hopefully it will soften a little after wash.

Total of 63 sts for sleeves. PU 22 (20 from armhole CO, 1 on each corner, and 41 from armhole transfer)

Start sleeve’s decrease at 5.5”-
dec 3: k2tog at start of round, (k19, k2tog)2x (60 sts)
Decrease 5 sts every 7th row till 45 sts -
k2tog at start of round, (k10, k2tog)4x - (55 sts)
k2tog at start of round, (k9, k2tog)4x - (50 sts)
k2tog at start of round, (k8, k2tog)4x - (45 sts)

Switch to 4mm for sleeve cuff - Garter st for 1”

Done! Now just need to find some buttons, and take some pics.

Repost of littleGoat’s/SFcorgi’s notes:

  • Cast on 83 stitches (math comes out to 84, but we need to stay with an odd number)

  • I would keep row 6-7 as buttonhole rows to keep consistent width on the garter stitch bands - unless you want a wider band.

  • Row 8: follow the instructions as given, which should yield 133 stitches

  • Add an extra two rows of twisted rib - so rows 12-18 will become rows 12-20

  • Row 21: k all stitches

  • Row 22: k5, m1, k2, m1, k2, m1, k3, (m1, k4) until 9 stitches remain, m1, k2, m1, k2, m1, k5 (figuring this row out was a real pain) You should now have 167 stitches.

  • Row 23: k all stitches Row 24-34: follow twisted rib instructions

  • Row 35: k all stitches

  • Row 36: k9, (m1, k3, m1, k4) until 8 stitches remain, m1, k8. You should now have 211 stitches.

  • Row 37: k all stitches

  • Rows 38-48: follow twisted rib instructions

  • Rows 49-50: k all stitches

  • At this point I suggest putting it on waste yarn and trying it on - remember it will be kind of tight because you can expect it to grow. Sort of stretch it around you and mark where you think you should bind off stitches for sleeves with safety pins. To keep the percentages in the original pattern, you would k24, bo57, k49, bo57, k24. But I think it’s best to double check these, as we all have different proportions. Take the thing off, make sure your pins are symmetrically placed, then try it on again. If it looks like it will work, proceed with your bind-off row at row 51.

  • For the rest of the pattern, you’ll be knitting in stockinette. Remember to cast on 18 or 19 stitches under each arm, instead of 15, and go from there.

  • If you do the waist shaping, you’ll need to do 5 decrease rows (instead of 4) and 4 increase rows (instead of 3) but you can leave the spacing of the increase/decrease rows the same - because you’ll need to knit more rows total to get to the same length.

10/20/11: Finally added some photos!

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