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Agatha in Rich Purple
March 17 2013
May 13 2013
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Agatha in Rich Purple
Agatha by Andi Satterlund
Needles & yarn
Cascade Yarns® Cascade 220®
4 skeins = 880.0 yards (804.7 meters), 400 grams

Wasn’t sure how the ribbing was to be measured. I found this page explaining how you should stretch it to measure.

According to techknitter:
“The only real answer is that when a garment is made in ribbing (or any other heavily textured fabric) the pattern should provide a stitch gauge in stockinette.”
Oh well!

I wanted the 2-3” neg. ease, so to get that I had to go in between the size s and XS. It almost fried my brain but I did it!

I have a small bust, so I started with the size S in the front and back, but did the increases for the size XS.
However, I worked with the length set out in the size S.
(i.e removed width but not length).

In other words, that’s 2 sts eliminated in the first bunch of neckline increases (I added 2 rows in before the armpits so the front and back had the same amount of length). Then I cast on size XS for neckline cast on (ie 13 sts instead of 17).

For the armpits, I cast on size XS too. 7 sts instead of 10.
One more thing, a few rows after the armpits I did one of the side decreases that was supposed to come after the bust. This was because I wanted those 4 sts gone to get me the correct ease at bust, but didn’t want tiny armholes.

After the apex of the bust I continued the decreases on the side per the XS pattern, because I wanted that lovely effect where the ribbbing merges. I didn’t do the back decreases as indicated on size S (even though my back is technically size S).

In effect, I did less waist decreases than the pattern. That’s good since there’s not as much difference between my bust and waist as the pattern is designed for.

I can get more in-depth if anyone wants to know more details lol. I really thought hard about all this!

Since my row gauge was off, I determined length by trying on. I finished the lace at my natural waist, then added the ribbing, so it sits slightly below my waist.

I picked up sts for the S, even though I cast on the size XS at the armpit.

Really struggled with laddering at the joins of the DPNs! Ugh I am soo slow with DPNs too!

I wish the pattern said where on the body the sleeves should be before starting the ribbing. Mine were way above my wrist (I think I have long arms). I’m going to continue mine to sit maybe 1/2 an inch above the wrist bone before I start ribbing. The ribbing appears to be designed to fold back.

Also my sleeve ribbing didn’t flow into my 1x1 ribbing at the cuff even though I checked the pattern a billion times? And both my sleeves ended up that way. Someone else said theirs did so maybe it was my mistake. Doesn’t matter anyhow; next time I’d just change it on the fly and follow my gut about how it’s supposed to look.

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March 17 2013
May 13 2013
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