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Raspberry Milena
September 1 2012
December 1 2012
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Raspberry Milena
Milena by Ewa Durasiewicz
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
Louisa Harding Yarns Aimée
5 skeins = 790.0 yards (722.4 meters), 250 grams

My blog post is here.

Okay, so this pattern only comes in one size, and has no gauge swatch or schematic. Challenging!! Let’s see how it goes..

I used 60cm (24”) long circular needles to knit.

I used a long tail cast on for the first time ever (only got it wrong about a million times- don’t ask.)
I ended up casting on 196 stitches over both my 2.75 and 3mm needles held together. It made it much easier to knit from when I removed that 2nd needle! And didn’t look loose and ugly like I was worried it would, so yay :)

I didn’t slip stitches on the button band selvage edge along the front because someone said it left them with too few stitches to pick up.

I did a gauge swatch in stocking stitch. I did calculations to see how much ease there was in various parts (I used the stocking stitch gauge for the ribbing bits too- probably not that accurate I suppose but I thought it at least gave an idea!).

With nearly 3” negative ease in the bottom (sitting on my high hip), I decided to add 16 sts for about 0-.5” negative ease. This was after I knitted a few rows in the 3” neg ease and tried holding it around me. It seemed quite strained- hence the added stitches!

I’m not sure if the 1X1 ribbing is supposed to sit at the waist or below it. Judging by people’s pictures, there are examples of both! Mine seems to sit just above the waist- I could probably lengthen it a little if I made it again?

I added a bunch of decreases (partly to save yarn cos I’m scared of running out), but also because I wanted to maintain negative ease.
I did 8 decreases in the first row of 1X1 ribbing, and 8 in the first row of stocking stitch. These decreases blended really well into the ribbing.
I then did one more row of 8 decreases a little bit further in the stocking stitch.

Then later, two rows of 4 increases for the bust, a few (6?) rows apart.

-It instructs to work 10 sts of the lace pattern but each repeat is only 4. So I added a purl on either side of the 2 repeats of lace to make it up to 10 sts, like I saw another Raveler do.

Also, it says on the wrong side rows to “knit as they come off the needle, purl the YOs”. I thought that meant just use knit stitches for everything except the yarn overs. Hmm, maybe not?
UPDATE: that phrase means “if there’s a purl bump facing you, purl it, if it looks like a knit, knit it”. Probably obvious to everyone but me!

This also explains why some people said there was a mistake for the instructions on the WS of the stocking stitch, thinking it said to knit. It actually says “knit as they come off the needle” ie. purl. Confusing, right?

Okay, I noticed one mistake in the pattern. It says to add 4 more repeats of the lace pattern as you move up towards the shoulders. But the sample clearly has 5 repeats added. So I’m doing 5 too- adding an extra in row 105! (after I frog back a bit… grr lol)

As others have said, they are tight. So I’m adding 14 rows to the front shoulders and 8 rows to the back (I didn’t want it too high in the back since it goes straight across- don’t want the ribbing creeping up my neck!)

Also, I had 13 sts on my needles at the end of the front shoulders, not 12. No big deal. Wonder if I’m wrong though, or the pattern?

Also: It says to knit sleeves on 2.75mm needles, with 3mm ribbing. I don’t know if this is a mistake, it seems odd. But I’m reversing it so the ribbing is on the 2.75mms.

I picked up 38 sts on each side for sleeves, since I had longer armholes. It was somewhere between 1 for every 2 stitches, and 2 for every 3. Okay yeah, I kinda fudged it a bit, lol.
I did short rows all the way down to the 10 sts on the holders.

Ribbing- I omitted the plain 2X2 rib at the end. I also did the rib semi-twisted style like the rest of the ribbing. (Alternating twisting the knits and the purls between rounds)

I think I picked up too many stitches as it went a bit wavy. Next time I’ll pick up 3 for every 4 on the slopes- think I picked up more like 1 for 1. Silly! (I picked up 196).
Anyway, on my in progress pic you can see it’s very high and wavy. I ripped back, took out the short rows and just did 12 rows all around.

I’ll probably add a snap to the top of the neckline so it doesn’t gape open.

If you’d believe it I have even MORE notes. So if anyone has any questions I probably have a note on it. Ask away, lol!

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September 1 2012
December 1 2012
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