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Handspun Mara Shawl
February 12 2010
April 11 2010
Project info
Handspun Mara Shawl
Mara by Madelinetosh
gifted - Ravenna 2017
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Potentiality Two-Ply Handspun
1000.0 yards (914.4 meters), 453 grams

4/12/2010 - Done and so happy with it! I bound off in pattern on a WS row rather than that BO as per the pattern because I liked the slightly rippled edge it gave better.

4/8/2010 - One row to go and then I’m binding off! One row to go!

3/20/2010 - When I started the 1x1 ribbing, I had 355 stitches on the needles. I’ve now started the k2p2 ribbing of the ruffle. Each row is so, so long. And I’m about to add in the 7th of 9 skeins of yarn.

When I did the increase row, I didn’t do yarnovers as the directions say to do, as that’s a wrong side row. However, after having knit some additional rows, I see that the increases merged into the columns of yarnovers, so I now know why that is a design feature. Don’t skip it!

3/15/2010 - I’m making some good progress on this shawl now. It’s amazing how quickly worsted weight knits up! I’ve probably used 40% of the yardage and am aiming to switch to the ribbing about half the way through. It’s a bit hard to calculate with handspun, as my yarn is a bit uneven, but I saved the three thinnest, and therefore most yardage, skeins for the end.

3/10/2010 - The shoulder shaping mods ended up being:

  • Started with a regular triangle, as per the pattern, for about 2 inches
  • Added a M1R/M1L halfway between the edging and center on each side, every right side row for about 2 inches
  • Made the M1R/M1L increases every other right side row for another 2 inches
  • Made the M1R/M1L increases every third right side row for a total of three times

Then back to regular triangular shaping. It fits so well, I’m really happy with it now.

2/19/2010 - Well, it’s clear I won’t be finished by the Olympics closing ceremony deadline. I had knit almost three of the nine skeins, when I finally decided to listen to that little voice saying something wasn’t quite right, and frogged back almost to the very beginning, and am re-doing the shoulder shaping. Now, I’m increasing by 6 st per right side row, or every other right side row. This gives a smoother line to the edge of the shawl and it fits better too.

2/15/2010 - Finished adding in a little shoulder shaping to the pattern to make it easier to wear. Basically, once I had knit a triangle wide enough to span my back (I knit to 13 inches, but 10 would have been better), I added paired M1R and M1L increases at each shoulder on the right side of the pattern. I continued this for about 3 inches. From here on out, it’s knit the pattern as usual.

2/12/2010 - Cast on and stayed up really late knitting. I love seeing how the handspun colors are turning out.

This shawl is a labor of love, as I spun all the yarn myself - a full pound of Falkland. I’m not sure I’ll be done by the end of the Olympics, but I decided to go big and aim for a full shawl in 17 days.

Shawl #3 of 10 shawls in 2010

Gifted to a knitter at the Ravenna Art Sale 2017

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February 12 2010
April 11 2010
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