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The Gentleman's Gentleman Socks
October 2 2013
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The Gentleman's Gentleman Socks
Gentleman's Fancy Sock by Nancy Bush
9 1/2" circumference, 9 3/4" foot length
Needles & yarn
US 0 - 2.0 mm
Schaefer Yarn Company Anne
560 yards in stash
Knitting Off Broadway in Ft. Wayne, Indiana
May 3, 2013

Using the stitch pattern from the Gentleman’s Fancy Socks, but working them from the toe up and altering the pattern to fit Mark’s pointy-ish heels using The Sock Knitter’s Handbook. Of course, I don’t have it on hand since I’m still staying at Mark’s place, but if Rachel is nice and lends me her copy I should get along swimmingly.

03 Oct 2013 - Swatch knit: CO long tail 22 sts, stockinette 4 rnds, in pattern for one full rep, stockinette 10 rnds, Zimmerman’s sewn bind off. Unblocked 10 sts, 12 rnds : inch stockinette, blocked to same.

05 Oct 2013 - Sock Knitter’s Handbook acquired (thanks Rachel). Decided on Standard Toe (p. 78), Reverse Strong Heel (p. 66). Need a multiple of 4 for the leg stitch pattern, so 80 at ~16% negative ease cp. foot circumference for a snug sock to fit to match 8” circ wool and dress socks that he likes. Casting on 20%=16 sts using Judy’s Magic cast on.

06 Oct 2013 - Nevermind on Reverse Strong Heel. Doing Reverse French Heel instead, with heel turn in short rows rather than decreases and picked up stitches.

03 Nov 2013 - Finally got a chance to try them on after the gusset was complete, and they weren’t long enough. Ripped back to before the gusset (thank you, lifelines), added 14 rnds, and now on to the gusset again.

11 Nov 2013 - 10 more rounds until gusset is complete. Knitting only on the bus when weather is cold enough to necessitate gloves at bus stops means the going is slow, but I’m making progress.

15 Nov 2013 - This update is brought to you by the number 6 (the number of heel flap rows I had to rip back when I dropped a stitch) and the letter P, for Eye of Partridge heel stitch.

16 Nov 2013 - Heel flap finished, and leg started, while drinking beer and chatting about advances in quantum computing and Minneapolis city planning and architecture.

3 Aug 2014 - Frogged after breaking up.

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October 2 2013
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by Schaefer Yarn Company
Light Fingering
60% Merino, 25% Mohair, 15% Nylon
560 yards / 113 grams
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