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April 2016
July 27 2017
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the one that doesn't show...
NoShow Socks by La Maison Rililie
for a 38 shoe size (A1)
Feet / LegsSocksAnkle
Needles & yarn

I was working on these socks for about a year now… trying out an idea that came to my mind when I (once again) was frustrated with my stupid short socks, that weren’t short enough…
…because: I like my short socks to be invisible when I wear my sneakers!
Yes, I am very neurotic!

And after analysing the “problem” in detail and a bit of “engineering” I came up with an idea that actually worked!!!!

ha ha!!!!
+ the pattern will come out later today.. for all the other neurotic sock wearers out there… yes, you know who you are!

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April 2016
July 27 2017
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  • Project created: July 27, 2017
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