ShellSocks in yellow
February 9, 2016
March 6, 2016

ShellSocks in yellow

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and since my mum was the first admirer of my own socks - I made her a pair, too!

The recipe/pattern can be found in this blog post, if you are interested.

Because mum has much wider feet than me, I tried to make her a bigger size and below are my notes for adaption of the numbers.
If you are curious on how to work a bigger version, than you might find these notes of help:

I casted on the same amount of sts as in the pattern, but worked one more increase rnd to get to 64sts in total at the toe section.

After finishing the stripes on the toe and just before starting with the MC, I slipped 2 sts on each edge of the instep needles onto the insole needles. So my extra 4 sts were now positioned on the insole and I was able to work the instep pattern as written in the PDF until the Gusset sts.
(I worked 2 repeats less than indicated in the pattern, since I gained 2 rounds on the toe already and counted to gain another 2 or more rnds at the heel construction - and my issue was more width than length).

At the Heel: I had 34 insole sts instead of the 30 of the pattern - so I worked 1 more short row to arrive at 17sts in between the gusset sts and was left with 9 ds each at the edges (instead of the 8 ds in the PDF).

At the Leg: Since in the PDF it states that we need a multiple of 7sts for the Shell Stitch pattern to work out in the round, I had two options for the 64sts I already had on my needles.
Either I increased +6sts to get to 70sts, which would give me 10 repeats - or I could only decrease 1 sts for a 63sts¹ leg with 9 repeats, but since these socks were intended for my mom (which has diabetes and needs her socks to be super comfortable) I opted for the first version and a wider leg than I would have chosen for my own pair of socks.

¹)I guess that if I would have chosen the smaller 63 stitch leg, I would still have increased 2 sts on each side (where the instep meets the insole), to close up any holes there and then decrease them again 2 rnds later to be able to work the patterned round.

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February 9, 2016
March 6, 2016
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